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Lawyer Jacobs: “Fedez Company? Failure to trust relationship, free to terminate”


The 100-meter Olympic champion Marcell Jacobs has decided to divorce the Fedez agency that took care of his image. A decision that is triggering a legal tussle. “We have received the appeal. This initiative of Doom surprised us, since several attempts have been made to make everything happen in absolutely different ways. There was the will to try not to end this relationship in this way. On our part there was a willingness to find an agreement. In addition, an attempt was also made to go forward together, but we did not find each other “. This was explained by Fabio Ventura, one of the lawyers of the Olympic champion Marcell Jacobs, consulted by Adnkronos. “Furthermore, it was a consultancy and coaching contract, so all the more reason this type of contracts are based on a relationship of trust that exists or does not exist, and it is not a court that can restore trust between individuals”. According to Fedez’s lawyers, the withdrawal of the contract would be illegitimate and they ask the judge to enforce the contract until its natural expiry in September 2022, in addition to the request for compensation. “We have received an urgent appeal. The company would like compensation, but the validity of the contractual and fiduciary relationship must be seen. For our part, we believe that no compensation is due. We believe that contracts that have such a personal nature can always be rescindable, even when perhaps they deny it. We invoked a reason and a motivation for the just cause, but sometimes it is not just the charge, but a lack of presuppositions. The dissatisfaction was there, but they failed even the assumptions. And the contract had a much smaller object. There is no just cause but a series of reasons why Jacobs believes he was perfectly entitled to withdraw from the contract. There are several and all good “, the lawyer continued. “The reasons for this separation, as in all relationships of trust, arise from a little dissatisfaction with the job that was expected and also for a changed situation. The relationship was born from a contract a few years ago, made with a company, I believe referable to Fedez, which had as its perimeter of work, what was a sideline of Marcell Jacobs, an influencer and blogger. He was a lesser known sportsman and the contract provided for a support activity by the agency that it was ZDF, “added the lawyer. “The relationship then continued until, with the victory at the Olympics, an attempt was made to combine this activity with that of sports management, in this sense it was not successful, and Marcell was not satisfied with this change of pace and ‘it was this separation – underlined Fabio Ventura-. Now we are going to verify at a legal level whether this agreement is more verbal than contractual, because the contract was originally with the company ZDF. The signed contract is with them and then it was passed into the other company (Doom) and it has to be verified whether the contract was possible for it to pass from one company to another “. Years ago, in fact, the future Olympic champion signed an image management contract as an influencer in social media with ZDF, an agreement then transferred to the company Doom (initials of Dream of Ordinary Madness), the agency owned by Fedez and managed by his mother. , AnnaMaria Berrinzaghi, who has several VIPs in her portfolio. “It is believed that the image of an international sportsman must have an international planning and study, with a series of specificities and in this sense it was felt that there were no conditions to move forward”, added the legal sprinter. This is why it was decided to change. “Managing the image of a global character requires a strong interaction between press, communication, planning and marketing and it is difficult for these disciplines to go on their own compared to managing a character of this type. The new company has al within it several resources that each deal with a specific field, but under a single coordination, which was what Marcell needed. The new company, Luca Oddo’s X-Hybrid, will deal with communication, the Italian press office and international, sponsorships, legal and logistic part to follow Jacobs in any respect. The X-Hybrid is a London company but which obviously has resources in different parts of the world. The new contract is in progress, such as the activity, the planning, the The legal management of the dispute is entrusted to me and to the lawyer Pierfilippo Capello “, concluded Fabio Ventura.


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