• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Covid, Marco Melandri: “I voluntarily got infected”


Jan 15, 2022

“I caught the virus because I tried to catch it, and, unlike many vaccinated people, I made a tremendous effort to get infected.” The former MotoGP rider Marco Melandri confessed in an interview on Mow (mowmag.com) . “I did it on purpose to be able to be in good standing for at least a few months and it wasn’t even easy”, he explained. “I had to get infected by necessity, having to work and not considering the vaccine as a valid alternative.” is fine “from the beginning completely asymptomatic. I have already been negative for some time, but those who do not have the Green pass must still remain in detention for ten days. For me the Green pass was and remains a blackmail – he said – I will use it only for work and if I have to accompany my daughter. I am willing to use it only for what is strictly necessary “. Accused of being a no-vax, Melandri replied: “I have nothing against the vaccinated, as clearly I have nothing against the unvaccinated. I am against violations of freedom.”