• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Benevento ko, Vigorito against Mazzoleni


May 9, 2021

“All of Italy has seen, except for Mr. Mazzoleni”. Benevento loses at home to Cagliari for 3-1 and slips towards Serie B. The patron Oreste Vigorito, to the microphones of Sky, attacks with his head down and takes it out on the referee Mazzoleni, in charge of the Var and -second Vigorito – guilty of not having reported a penalty for Campania. “After 15 years I speak of a referee, I say something that will make me send away before the championship. I have received messages from Naples and elsewhere, when you want to kill the South they put him in the Var. with c … on a bench he can’t look at a screen, “says the president. Vigorito speaks of “a year of sacrifices, in the rain, the wind, the snow. The problem is Mazzoleni, if you want to kill a team from the south he sends him, maybe it’s a new position. gentlemen must get out of football. It is a shame to send the same referee back after seven days to do the same, back to the south, to do the same things. Is there only him? who reached the ninth place with audience, maybe it breaks someone’s balls. It is not an outlet, it is a complaint. If someone is not happy, you complain to me, so much one less or one more … “. MASTELLA – Intervenes also the mayor of Benevento, Clemente Mastella. “Thinking badly makes you sin, but very often you guess. Andreotti said it and I repeat it. Why the referee Mazzoleni was in the Var cabin in Naples and today in Benevento? In Naples against Cagliari he canceled Osimhen’s goal, today he canceled the penalty of Benevento “, he says.