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Dossena: “Ferrero did well but now it’s easier to change Sampdoria presidency”


Dec 6, 2021

“I imagine that the delicate situation in which Ferrero finds himself could accelerate a change at the helm of the company but it is not taken for granted. From a sporting point of view Ferrero in recent years has almost always kept Sampdoria on the left side of the standings and has done good things , the hope is that he will be able to hand over to someone who can help the company grow but will depend on Ferrero’s decisions “. The former Sampdoria midfielder, Beppe Dossena, said this to Adnkronos about the arrest of the Sampdoria president Massimo Ferrero. “It should be emphasized that Ferrero’s arrest is linked to facts that do not concern Sampdoria. The president has already announced that he will resign, will hand over the proxies to a high-profile person who already sits on the board of directors and the life of the club will go on” . “Friday the derby della Lanterna will be the derby of fear”, added the former Sampdoria midfielder who summarizes the moment of the two Genoese teams in view of next Friday’s derby. “Neither team can make a mistake and the ball will burn – the 1982 world champion in Spain stressed to Adnkronos -. From a technical point of view, the Sampdoria are better off also because Genoa have too many injured key players but in these matches who is worse off often finds surprising resources “.

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