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Var, how it can change: referees audio and coach challenges


Public dialogues between referees and Var. And maybe the coaches’ challenge to ask for video verification. The designator of the Serie A and Serie B referees, Gianluca Rocchi, on Radio Anch’Io lo Sport on Radio Rai hypothesizes the 2.0 version of the Var. “The Var must serve to eliminate great errors and injustices? The Var is a fabulous tool if the referee on the field referees well, in a linear, coherent and convincing way. if he is not, he becomes almost an enemy “, he says. restricted, while in the field we are introducing young people, in the Var we are going much more with lead feet, the monitor is much more complex, you are a slave to images and you have to judge and it is completely another job. two well-defined roles “, adds Rocchi. “We need to share our feelings with players and coaches, I am inviting a professional coach to all matches. It is clear that the referee’s reading is different from that of a player”. It will be possible to hear the dialogues between the referee and the Var room. ? “I think the day is very close, we want to listen to the audio, there is no secret: we keep the recordings, we need it in the evaluation of the Var, where there is not only a decision but also a way to communicate, we will be very close to listen to him “. There is talk of the possibility of using the Var ‘on call’, at the request of the coaches: a sort of ‘challenge’ on the Nfl model:” I never said no, we are not opposed to the referee point of view, we must ask the coaches. And many disagree. It’s a long journey. The Var is a new tool, we’ve only been using it for 4 years, it’s evolving and in a few years it will be different in some aspects “.


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