• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Coppa Italia, Balata: “I don’t know the reasons for the decision of the League A”


May 7, 2021

“The new Coppa Italia? I do not know the reasons underlying this decision by Lega A. The competition has always been managed by the National Professional League and was then regulated also in the A and B separation process “. These are the words of the president of Lega Serie B, Mauro Balata, at Adnkronos on the new format of the Italian Cup with only Serie A and B teams. Balata then underlined on the economic situation: “Our world has also been upset by the pandemic and we cannot walk with our heads backwards, that would be a dramatic mistake. “Football needs innovative, courageous choices. I have been saying this for a long time: a great strategic plan, innovative and that starts from a real restructuring of the professional sector, which can no longer be postponed”. “Talking about costs without starting from a serious restructuring of the entire economic system is useless. Certain rules, paths identified right now and objectives defined. Only in this way can we start again in a serious and credible way “, added the number one of Lega B.