• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Ibra-Lukaku, social derby: Zlatan and that ‘message’ in the cappuccino


May 7, 2021

Championship over, Scudetto at Inter, but the ‘long-distance derby’ continues – with irony, jokes and a few digs – between Ibrahimovic and Lukaku. Many fans and fans of the two great strikers of Milan and Inter, in fact, see in the photo of the cappuccino posted in the Stories by the Swedish champion – on which an Ibra from behind in front of the Milan Cathedral is seen drawn with the ‘Art Bar’ technique – a reply to the Nerazzurri player’s post in recent days. After the championship victory, in fact, Lukaku posted a photo in which he celebrates on the field with his teammates, accompanying him with the caption “our god has crowned the King! Now bow!”. Message that many on social media have interpreted as the response of the 30-year-old Belgian to a post by Ibrahimovic last October when, after winning the first leg 2-1 (with a brace from the AC Milan striker), the AC Milan player posted : “Milan never had a king, they have a GOD”. That is, ‘Milan has never had a king, Milan has a god’. There were also sparks between Ibra and Lukaku in the Coppa Italia derby, won by the Nerazzurri 2-1: in that case, after the hard face to face on the pitch, the two forwards were sanctioned with one day of disqualification.