• Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Colombo (European Leagues), ‘manifesto with Fifpro for shared representativeness and governance’


Oct 27, 2021

“At the national level, in the various European countries, there is a shared governance between the federation, leagues and players, where decisions are taken together to defend the interests of the community. There is a need to implement this model also for the governance of football. European. The Manifesto calls for greater representativeness for leagues and players in European institutional bodies but above all for a governance that is based on a shared decision-making process and not on simple consultation mechanisms “. This was explained by Alberto Colombo, European Leagues general secretary, to Adnkronos, about the signing of the six-point manifesto in Brussels by European Leagues and FifPro to ask for greater involvement in the decision-making processes concerning national competitions and players in Europe, starting from the one on the post-2024 international calendar. “The vast majority of clubs and players in Europe carry out their professional activity only in the domestic sphere. We have a responsibility to defend the ecosystem and the sustainable development of national leagues,” added Colombo.