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Padel, Folgori: ‘For Sic Europe it is the beginning of a story of extraordinary success’


Jun 3, 2021

“At the end of this experience I am excited and satisfied. It was a fantastic adventure, which traces the new path that Sic Europe intends to take in the world of sport and not only in the social world, choosing padel because it is a discipline that is establishing itself on the national scene with great enthusiasm and which represents in somehow our own professional peculiarities in the field of logistics and transport. “The curtain fell on the Serie A padel championship and Enrico Folgori, chief strategy and market intelligence office of Sic Europe, a leading company in integrated logistics, transport and of facility management, and president of Feoli, the European Federation of Integrated Logistics Operators, comments on the four days at Bolasport in Rome, where the team on which they bet has kept their promise, offering moments of the highest spectacle and very strong emotions. ” Competence, commitment, sacrifice and professionalism, in fact, are the basis of our managerial philosophy and we have been able to convey this these values ​​to the guys on our team led by world racking number 1 Juan Lebron “, continues Folgori. All Sic Europe, from the Board of Directors to the operational departments, participated in every competition in which the couples chosen to represent the colors of the company played, giving life to a first time on the padel fields which, to put it in the words of Enrico Folgori, is to be considered “only the beginning of a story of extraordinary success.” The number one Juan Lebron, registered last year with Misano, this year, has chosen to be part of the team to return to play Serie A in Italy . “Yes -confirms the president of Feoli- and this really fills us with pride. Lebron is a very young athlete, a true champion who not only stands out for his extraordinary technical skills, but also for his high human caliber, a particular not at all obvious when you play at such high levels “. The whole team, in reality, made people dream in all four days at Bolasport and the pairs of women had nothing to envy to those of the men who took to the field.” rosa ‘who represented our colors has contributed to the Roman success – highlights Folgori, Sic Europe chief strategy and market intelligence office – and I want to remember one athlete in particular, Claudia Jensen Sirvent, who, at only 15 years of age, is one of the youngest protagonists on the world circuit, I am sure that in the future she could reserve important surprises. Ours is a team of truly formidable athletes, just mentioning Patty Llaguno, one of the veterans of the World Padell, and Potito Starace, who had the great ability to keep the group united and focused thanks to his experience as champion of tennis ex n. 27 in the ATP classification. ”The Sic Europe team, in the last races of the championship, made an exploit that allowed a good placement in the final classification. “Like all adventures that have a happy ending – says Folgori satisfied -, in the last game, when everything seemed lost, the boys brought those values ​​I was talking about before onto the pitch. With competence, commitment, sacrifice, enthusiasm and professionalism they reopened the games thanks to the stubbornness of an outsider of our members, Alessandro Di Felice, who believed in it to the full. “” Experience to repeat? Absolutely yes. I consider this first experience in Serie A – concludes the president of Feoli – as a dress rehearsal. We want to continue to be there and we are already thinking about how to best structure and organize our entry as protagonists in the world of padel. There is a need to improve and eliminate the errors that they reasonably occurred in this first experience, but we have the determination, the means and the right men to continue to be even more competitive ”.

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