• Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Canteens, hospitals, Nas checks: sanctions are triggered for 43 activities


Oct 26, 2021

The Nas carabinieri controlled 119 hospital canteens, sanctioning 43 activities. Over 300 soldiers from the 12 antisophistic units were used in the operation, who challenged 18 administrative sanctions for a total amount of over 18,000 euros, warning the competent administrative authorities. In particular, the following were found: in 2 cases – precisely in the capital and in Piacenza – serious non-conformities which led to the adoption by the competent local health authorities of the provision of temporary suspension of the packaging and portioning of meals (subsequently ensured by another cooking point authorized); in another Roman garrison, the omitted revision of the fire-fighting devices led to the referral of the legal representative of the contractor firm to the local Public Prosecutor’s Office; in Oristano, at a cooking center authorized for the preparation and distribution of meals in favor of local hospitals, the presence of 50 kg of meat products with expiry date, which have been subjected to administrative seizure. they are focused on respecting the requirements: hygienic – sanitary and structural of the meal preparation rooms (with reference to processing and cooking rooms, laboratories, food warehouses, cold rooms / cabinets, administration rooms, toilets, changing rooms); on the correctness of food management / storage and food safety procedures, also in relation to their traceability and to the aspects connected to labeling; the legitimacy of entrusting the service to the supplying company and the relative correspondence of the menus to the type of food administered; on the regular employment position of the workers (possession of documentation certifying the attendance of specific training courses and suitability of the expected work clothing); provided for by the containment measures to the pandemic spread from Covid-19.