• Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

More rain in the south, November 1st bridge weather


Oct 26, 2021

Still bad weather in the South. In these hours a deep Mediterranean cyclone positioned on the Sicilian Sea is moving towards the Ionian Sea. The vortex will heavily affect the weather over some regions throughout the week. Stefano Ghetti, meteorologist of iLMeteo.it warns that after a Tuesday with torrential rains still on Ionian Sicily and fast rains also in the Center, on Wednesday while in the Center-North there will be a comeback of the high pressure that will guarantee good weather, in the South the rains will continue to bathe Sicily, albeit less intensely and with an irregular character. From Thursday the cyclonic vortex instead of going to the east will rise towards Sicily, starting a new wave of bad weather once again on most of the island and on Ionian Calabria. Torrential and almost incessant rains will hit the two regions at least until Friday and part of Saturday. The hydrogeological risk will be high. With the advent of the weekend that will begin the All Saints’ Day festivities, an Atlantic disturbance will approach Italy starting to affect the Northwest on Sunday. But it will be on Monday 1 November that the disturbed front will be able to expand to most of the North and the central Tyrrhenian regions. Today Tuesday 26 October – In the north: good weather conditions, local morning mists. Center: rainy passage from Lazio to Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo and Molise. In the south: intense bad weather in eastern Sicily, rain in southern Calabria. Tomorrow Wednesday 27 October – In the north: sunny. Center: mostly stable and sunny. In the south: scattered rains in Sicily, dry elsewhere. Thursday 28 October – In the north: good weather prevailing. Middle: worsens in Sardinia with showers and some thunderstorms. In the south: new intense deterioration on Sicily and then on southern Calabria. Friday with heavy rains and flood risk on Ionian Calabria and Sicily.