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Covid in children, symptoms vary by age: the study


Oct 24, 2021

Symptoms of Covid in children vary by age. The cough is less important than previously thought. And if under the age of three the most common ‘sign’ is a cold – and a high fever is less common – above the age of 3 it is the headache that is the alarm bell. Chronic diseases do not seem to influence the possibility of having a positive diagnosis while the trend of infections in children varies greatly according to the Region and family members are more frequently infected. These are the results of an observational study – just published in the scientific journal Quaderni Acp – presented and discussed during the 33rd National Congress of the Pediatric Cultural Association (Acp), which has just ended. The research was attended by 34 family pediatricians who followed 1,947 children with a regional distribution concentrated in some areas: Veneto (10 pediatricians, 10,283 children), Lombardy (8, 7,390), Piedmont (6, 5,967), Sicily (4, 3,675 ). The other regions involved were Campania (2 pediatricians, 1,827 children), Friuli, Puglia, Emilia-Romagna and Lazio (1 pediatrician per Region with 1,108, 1,050, 990 and 889 children respectively). The overall incidence of cases of the disease in the population followed was 3.8 cases per thousand children in one month, with significant differences between the Italian regions. Emilia Romagna and Veneto are the most affected regions. “These differences are probably related to the different management of the disease in the various regions, resulting in a different possibility of confirming the diagnosis in suspected cases”, explained Giacomo Toffol, Acp pediatrician and coordinator of the study, on which pediatricians among others worked. and researchers Laura Reali and Roberto Buzzetti. Pediatricians confirm that, in general, the course of the disease in the pediatric age is confirmed to be significantly less severe than in the more advanced ages, with a low number of hospitalizations and a very low mortality. trend of pediatric Covid-19 cases that required hospitalization has been widely described by numerous Italian and international studies, the less information there is relating to the much greater number of less serious pediatric cases, which do not require hospitalization. Still not exhaustive. there is also information on the contagiousness of the Sars-Cov2 virus in this age group e on the role that children and adolescents play in the transmission of this virus.

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