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Covid, Crisanti and the study on Bergamo: “A disaster”


Oct 23, 2021

“I would call it a disaster.” Professor Andrea Crisanti for the first time, in the role of consultant to the Bergamo prosecutor’s office for the investigation on the covid epidemic in Val Seriana, in Presa Diretta unveils the results of the study on emergency management in the Bergamo area, with particular attention to the hospital of Alzano. “We used the same technologies that are used to establish the causes of disasters. It is a method used by the Americans in 1963, it is called Fault 3 Analysis. We have detailed data on every single patient who became infected, who entered the hospital in Lombardia and died. We have the data of the beginning of symptoms and we are trying to reconstruct the virus curve “, says Crisanti. On February 23, 2020, the transmission states, the first autonomous cases are diagnosed in the Alzano hospital. “According to our calculations, as of February 23 there were about 70-75 people already infected, probably more than 30 patients, almost all in the medical wards. A veritable epidemiological bomb. By that date, there was already a number important of infected personnel. The first week of February there were already infected people in hospital, on February 23 everyone recognizes that there are infected patients already hospitalized for several days “, says Crisanti in the interview.” Lombardy did not have tampons, but the diagnosis of covid is not done only with swabs. The CT scan would have provided a very important element to make a presumptive diagnosis: there are no doubts. There was no indication to understand what was happening in the hospital. Since so many patients had the helmet, were they infected? If they had asked themselves this question, they would have realized that there were dozens of infected patients. They were sitting on a bomb “, sums up the professor.

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