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Vaccine under 12, Rasi: “With such low virus circulation it could be avoided”


Oct 23, 2021

“If the circulation of the virus remained at these levels and there were no particular problems in children, the vaccination of the Under 12 could be avoided”. This is what Guido Rasi, full professor of Microbiology in Rome Tor Vergata, former director of EMA and consultant for the vaccination campaign of General Figliuolo, argues in an interview with ‘La Stampa’, who believes “coverage of the little ones is not obvious. , just as it isn’t the third dose at all. ” Read also According to the expert, despite the slight increase in positives linked to the many swabs to obtain the Green Pass, “the positivity rate remains stable, even if the winter is long and it is too early to say victory. A clear picture will be had. at the end of November, when the EMA authorization for the Under 12 vaccination should arrive. At that point it will be understood if it is really necessary, as well as the third dose, that is, if our community immunity will be sufficient or not “. Wouldn’t the children get vaccinated if it kept? “In the United States there is an increase in pediatric cases, but in Italy, thanks to the Green Pass and masks, it could be different”. Rasi is also cautious about the need for a generalized reminder: “It is not certain, the data for the next two months will tell us how much the population under 60 will be reinfected. In the meantime, just the third dose for the elderly and frail as a precaution”. If 90% of vaccinated over 12s are reached by December “it would be an excellent result. Vaccination has slowed down, but it is progressing and improving our lives”. How much is lacking in the hard core of unconvincible? “We are close, but there are still some frightened people with whom we can reason. General Figliuolo’s strategy focuses on family doctors, on mating with the flu and on a personalized conviction campaign”, says Rasi.

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