• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Terrorism, Scalzone: “Sit-ins, demonstrations and principals for ‘no’ to extradition comrades”


May 6, 2021

Sit in, demonstrations, principals to say no to the extradition of the nine Italian terrorists arrested in Paris. Oreste Scalzone, former leader of Potere Operaio, who has always been a point of reference for action in defense of the community of former members of the armed struggle in Italy, refugees in France, supports and proposes symbolic initiatives to affirm the no to extradition ” of people, comrades and comrades, threatened today “.” It is very good for me – observes Adnkronos Scalzone – that networks, committees and even mobilizations and appeals of so-called ‘intellectual personalities’ are born, aggregate and coordinate. Of course, as long as you do not use arguments that not only have sprung up, but have an effect that is used to call ‘boomerang’: for example, calling it ‘doctrine’ – thus stiffening it and giving the right to a war of quotes of disparate phrases and contradictory which is to our detriment – what was a policy inaugurated by Mitterrand on the subject and then followed, for reasons of realistic foresight, by successive Presidents until yesterday. It is necessary that even the most well-meaning people and Savant at the same time express rigorous concepts, which cannot be used to corroborate discrimination that could harm someone, damaging the principle (which is also iconographically represented by blindfolded Justice and the scales in perfect balance ) of an erga omnes, ‘for each and all’ of the claims. It is also necessary to open a pertinent debate on the fact that – besides a perverse ‘habeas corpus’ upside down which is perhaps unlikely due to the already’ ‘technical’ ‘procedural inadmissibility of the requests, which trample on elementary criteria still at least enunciated’ in doctrine, in law and in jurisprudence ‘, as the juridical l├Ęssico states – it is possible to pass to a subsequent and further degree of infinite persecution “. Scalzone explains:” Just as since the time of ancient Rome there was, beyond death, the’ damnatio memoriae ‘ , today, further beyond, there is the attempt to impose a real ‘suicide of the soul’, which should confirm the ‘Absolute Truth’ that one pretends to be told: to have been and have been, consciously or not, puppets manipulated by a concatenation of ‘occult powers’ … The idea-force is to declare that, since the Second World War and in our latitudes, every gesture of revolt is im-think-sa-bi-le – Scalzone says – if not as manip oiled from above, that is, the opposite of what it states. No more ‘criminal madness’, monstrous, but just the opposite ”. Thinking of the former adherents of the armed struggle, Scalzone observes: “It is not true that anyone has suffered in prison, or that he did not have compassion for family members of people injured or killed. No one has expressed a smug grin or a miles gloriosus “. As for the request of the nine Italian terrorists not to be extradited, Scalzone observes:” There may be and there have been very rare cases of people for whom extradition still means having a for example, a less worst prison condition and therefore they accepted it. But in general I would say …. ‘God forbid they didn’t reject it’. I think that in the end the Italian state and the injured parties will not have their bodies. We are witnessing a cross between the civil parties and the state … like getting stuck and tying each other’s hands. The State, at least in words, would not have the injured party as ‘client’. The State, in the form of criminal justice, has the task assigned to it by formal juridicality that of compensating for the vulnus made to the social body …. “.