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Pope Francis to the nuns: “Don’t be a spinster”


Oct 22, 2021

The Pope speaks to the Sisters, the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, and recommends to them: “Don’t be a spinster”. Bergoglio in his speech addresses the theme of spiritual worldliness: “People who have given up everything, have renounced marriage, have renounced their children, their family … and end up – pardon the word -” spinster “, that is, worldly, worried about those things … And the horizon closes, because they say: ‘This one didn’t even look at me, that one insulted me, that …’ Internal conflicts that close. Please, flee from spiritual worldliness. And also from status: ‘I am religious, I am religious …’. Examine this. It is the worst that can happen. It is like someone who slowly takes away your strength. And instead of being women consecrated to God, they thus become “polite ladies” where c ‘it is missionary service, where there is service, where there is mortification, of tolerating each other’s tolerance “. The Pope observes: “It takes a lot of penance to tolerate one another. But beware of spiritual worldliness. Not that in order to live I need to change my mobile phone, that I need this one, that other one, to take the vacation on the beach … I’m talking about real things. But worldliness is that spirit that leads you to be not at peace or with a not beautiful peace, a sophisticated peace. For you consecrate this requires creative fidelity to the charism, and it is this is why you always return to the charism. Is the charism a relic? No, it is a living reality, not an embalmed relic. It is a life that creates and goes on, not a piece of museum “.

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