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Deejay dead, it is a clash between the Prosecutor’s Office and Viviana’s family


Oct 22, 2021

(from the correspondent Elvira Terranova) – The clash between the Prosecutor’s Office and Viviana Parisi’s family takes place in room C of the small Court of Patti (Messina). On the one hand, the lawyers of Daniele Mondello, the husband of the 41-year-old deejay found dead in August 2020 with her 4-year-old son Gioele in the woods of Caronia, on the other the prosecutors Federica Urban and Alessandro Lia who reiterate before the gip Eugenio Aliquò the request for archiving. Attorney Angelo Vittorio Cavallo, who prefers to stay in his office, is absent. But that after reading the opposition request of Mondello’s lawyers does not hide his bitterness. And to the Adnkronos he says: “We have read very carefully all the arguments contained in the first opposition to the request for filing and in the subsequent integration. Apart from the inaccuracy and mismatch of many data reported in the two defense oppositions, there is no alternative reconstruction that responds to a minimum of logic and coherence and I consider the arguments presented by their defenders and consultants simply grotesque “. Words like boulders in an underground war that has been going on for a year and a half. “We are even more convinced of what we have already written in the 500 pages of the filing request and we are now awaiting the decision of the investigating judge”, adds Cavallo. The preliminary hearing lasts just under two hours. Now we await the decision of the investigating judge Aliquò who has reserved. The decision is expected next week. During today’s hearing there was no lack of sparks between the Prosecutor’s Office and the family’s lawyers. Viviana Parisi’s family asks, for example, that “any responsibilities” of the Police “be ascertained” that on the day of the disappearance of the woman with her son, on August 3, 2020, would have “prevented” Daniele Mondello, the woman’s husband, “look for the wife”. The family lawyers, the lawyers Pietro Venuti and Claudio Mondello, reiterated this, as Adnkronos learns, during this morning’s preliminary hearing in front of the investigating judge Eugenio Aliquò. “It should be ascertained if, for the hypothesis of the disappearance of a minor, the authorities can prevent the parents of the aforementioned from immediately carrying out the necessary investigations of the case”, write the lawyers in the supplementary brief filed on 16 October last. “In relation to further responsibilities that emerged – they say – in the institutional context it is represented that Daniele, in the immediacy of the facts, rather than being left free to search for loved ones, is detained in the barracks until 11.30 pm and subsequently accompanied to his home of Venetico in order to carry out investigations inside the Mondello house itself “. “In the event of a fire, is it logical or not that the fire goes out first and then the causes are ascertained?” Say the lawyers. Daniele Mondello, “once he was released into free self-determination, he went immediately to the places of Sant’Agata di Militello to look for his loved ones, in concert with his father, until 4 am on August 4, 2020”. responsibility of the Police who prevented the searches of the father’Non solo. According to the family, the statements made by the witnesses of the accident in the tunnel of Viviana Parisi, but also of the two workers in the tunnel, “are unusable” because “they had to be heard as suspects”. Furthermore, the lawyers reiterated that the two workers in the van who had the accident with the woman, “did not take the alcohol test”. A circumstance denied by the Public Prosecutor who pointed out that “it appears that the traffic police immediately after the accident had carried out the examination called precursor-alcoolblow, ie the examination which, as required by the highway code, is preliminary and prodromal to the alcohol test . Which tested negative “. And again: the lawyers also said that from the examination of the fire brigade drones “the child is not seen”, “this means that the child was brought later by someone” to the place where it was later found on August 19. . But the remains of the child were hidden behind trees and bushes, so much so that to free the little body it was necessary the intervention of the forestry with numerous brushcutters. Finally, it was also asked that “the responsibilities of the Fire Brigade” be ascertained, ” that on 4 August they took the woman’s body with the drone without realizing it “. The prosecutor, with prosecutors Urban and Lia, responded to the family’s findings. Now the decision of the investigating judge Eugenio Aliquò is awaited. The decision of the investigating judge on the 3D exam on the woman’s body, which is also in the morgue, is also awaited. Viviana’s body is still in the morgue, awaiting examinations requested by her husband. 4-year-old Gioele, a year and a half after the discovery of the two bodies, is still in the mortuary of the Messina Polyclinic. Despite the release of the corpses decided by the Public Prosecutor of Patti (Messina) who coordinated the investigation. The lawyer Pietro Venuti, the family lawyer, explains to Adnkronos the reason for the presence of the two bodies still in the morgue. “We are waiting to do some 3D analyzes on the two bodies – he explains – but the investigating judge Eugenio Aliquò has reserved the decision, when the body is released it is not possible to do this type of analysis. This is why it is still in the morgue. It is the same lawyer who explains again, at the exit of the Court, that “during the preliminary hearing we highlighted a series of conduct in our opinion omissive that there were, by subjects who spoke with Viviana, and in any case also on the research modalities of Viviana and her child “.” We also oriented ourselves for a deepening through a much more technical equipment, to highlight the injuries that, according to the type of investigation they have done at this time, has not been recognized . And in any case, we believe that the hypothesis that has always been followed by the murder-suicide prosecutor is absurd and we explained it in the notice of opposition. I think it is a dutiful act towards a mother and her child “, says the lawyer Venuti. Then speaking of the witnesses who were in the tunnel on the Messina-Palermo motorway where the woman’s accident occurred before her disappearance, the lawyer Venuti: “There are also many inconsistencies in the testimonies – says the lawyer – even those who see Viviana leave the gallery do not even stop to wait for the intervention of the police but go away and no one knows for what reason . Another aspect concerns the security measures. It is not conceivable that from a tunnel a person could disappear into the countryside in a few minutes. If there were safety tools, neither animals nor people could pass through. Neither inside nor out. This is one of the many elements “. And then the lawyer also focuses on” how to identify the fire brigade “which” already on 4 August 2020 had already highlighted with the drone but this information was given on 19 August by the consultant of the Prosecutor and not by the firefighters, so there were considerable delays “, complaint. For the magistrates the woman jumped from the pylon and first killed her son But the Prosecutor remains firm on its positions. According to the prosecutors the woman” is killed by throwing herself from the pylon “at the foot of which she was found lifeless. And, in all likelihood, before killing herself, she would have strangled her 4-year-old son Gioele, then found in the woods on August 19. Therefore, no double murder. Prosecutor of Patti (Messina) asked the investigating judge to file it. “No outsider had a role, not even marginal, mediated or indirect”, as the Patti Public Prosecutor says. And again: “All the technical investigations carried out allowed us to ascertain c ome Viviana, without a shadow of a doubt, voluntarily threw herself from the high voltage pylon, with clear and undeniable suicidal intent “, explains Cavallo. The Prosecutor also excludes “the presence of injuries” both before death and post mortem “caused by animals” on Viviana’s surface. It also excludes “injuries or in any case signs attributable to the violent action of third parties”. From the wiretaps it emerges that the family members knew about the woman’s psychological problems. “She was sick, she always said that something would happen to me and the baby. To me and the baby. She always had these hallucinating fears, crazy fears”, said Daniele in the interceptions viewed by Adnkronos. And he added: “In my opinion his heart burst … – he says without knowing he was intercepted – he had a heart attack … too hot, too much …”. His friend, Tonino, told him: “Yes, but there is something wrong, in my opinion, I say …”. And Daniele: “Yes, because the child is not found, that is a strange thing”. And he adds: “They are killing me, for what they tell me … I don’t read anything”. And the friend: “Like that it’s your fault. What the fuck …”. The woman’s husband replied: “How bad. But what do people know about what I’ve been through.” “She didn’t want to get help, I did my best, but …”. When his friend proposed to him the hypothesis that someone may have taken the child, who will then be found only on August 19, Daniele said: “It seems difficult to me, because she was sick, understand? She had this problem here, of persecution, do you understand? He was afraid that … “. “She had a few heart attacks and the baby was left there alone like a dog.” Now it’s up to the investigating judge Eugenio Aliquò to put an end to this story. The judge could grant Attorney Cavallo’s request and dismiss the investigation, or he could order new investigations.

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