• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Terrorism, Perruggini (Years of Lead): “Escape and protection in France betrayal for Italians”


May 6, 2021

“What is justice if not the search for the good for the people through laws and actions that determine its expression in fact. What is justice if not the search for equality and balance in society. But if the pact between people and who must guarantee this justice is disregarded how can moral compensation be provided for this betrayal? The escape and protection of these terrorists was a profound betrayal of this pact between citizen and state. But now that Italy is making amends and she managed to restore dignity to her own sense of justice and is again offended and outraged by those who proudly regard us as the holy inquisition of the Middle Ages “. So to AdnKronos Potito Perruggini, president of the National Observatory for historical truth ‘Years of Lead’. “Justice is not revenge – he added – and it is humiliating that none of our intellectuals has joined and made a manifesto to respond to the French indifferent. I wonder why our intellectuals were not indignant at the words of their French pseudo colleagues. “.