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Covid vaccine, Altems: “Highest coverage in Lombardy, Bolzano last”


Oct 22, 2021

“The Region characterized by the highest vaccination coverage” against covid-19 – “is Lombardy (75.5%) while the autonomous province of Bolzano has the lowest percentage of individuals who have completed the vaccination cycle (61.1% ). In Italy 71.6% of the population is totally immunized “. This was reported by Americo Cicchetti, director of the High School of Economics and Management of Health Systems (Altems) of the Catholic University of Rome, commenting on the 70th Instant Report Covid-19 of the Altems. “At the national level – highlights the report – the following percentages of administration of the first doses are recorded for the age groups considered: 12-19 years (69%), 20-49 years (80%), 50-69 (84% ), 70-79 (89%), over 80 years old (93%). The national average (which considers the age group over 12 years old) is 83% “. The pandemic “is under control in Italy: with the increase in anti-Covid vaccinations, the case of epidemic indices is now clear”, the report underlines. “The government’s strategy to continue to encourage vaccinations and at the same time keep masks indoors – says Americo Cicchetti, director of Altems – turns out to be the best strategy that is showing its results especially in this period in which they are manifesting themselves. timidly the first cases of seasonal flu “.

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