• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Lazio vaccines in pharmacies, what you need to know


Jun 2, 2021

The anti-Covid vaccination campaign with Johnson & Johnson has started in over 600 pharmacies in the Lazio Region where there will be, for each single exercise, 25 doses per week until June 27 and reservations are already sold out for the first two weeks. Federfarma Roma recalls this in a note, after the start of the vaccination campaign in the pharmacy, in the presence of the governor of Lazio Nicola Zingaretti and the councilor for Health Alessio D’Amato, who explained how the campaign will continue in the coming months , with more doses, in all 800 pharmacies that have joined and which will be central, together with family doctors, for the autumn vaccination. “What made in the last 20 days by the organization set up by the pharmacies in Rome and Lazio and by the regional structure – says Andrea Cicconetti, president of Federfarma Rome – was an enormous effort. In a short time, all the pharmacies currently authorized to administer vaccines (and to which many more will be added day by day), the doses have been distributed and we have reached full capacity within the established times. This is a very important point in the fight against the pandemic because citizens will be able to quietly go to the pharmacy near the house to receive the administration of the anti-Covid Johnson & Johnson vaccine. “Access to vaccination at the pharmacy – remember the note from Federfarma – takes place only through the online booking system of the Lazio Region: it is not It is possible to book directly in pharmacies. People who want to book the vaccine must: have their own health card (valid) available to communicate the tax code and the last 13 digits of the Team numeric code on the back of the card; choose from the list the pharmacy where they intend to receive the vaccine; select the day; leave your phone number: the chosen pharmacy will call to fix the appointment time. Once the vaccine has been inoculated, a certificate of vaccination will be issued, which is essential for accessing the green pass.