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Choose 3Bee bees. A concrete and necessary action for bees, the environment and biodiversity.


Oct 22, 2021

In collaboration with 3bee.com You have surely heard about the importance of bees in relation to the environment, biodiversity and the entire planet. Numerous projects are active to protect the health of bees, in particular the “Adopt a 3Bee hive” project stands out most of all. A project that aims to protect bees and the environment, but not only. With Adopt a 3Bee hive you have the opportunity to taste 100% artisan and genuine honey, sent directly by beekeepers located throughout Italy.But let’s see why 3Bee, the agri-tech startup that develops monitoring systems for hives, cares so much about the topic and what concretely does for bees. Bees are as small as they are important. Flying from flower to flower they carry pollen, taking charge of the pollination process. Just think that they are responsible for about 70% of the food we bring to our table every day. Bees are also very important for the environment in a broad sense. Almost 90% of spontaneous and wild plant species depend on the pollination action of bees. Considering that around 350,000 wild and 200 cultivated plants can be counted in the world, we can well understand how incisive and fundamental the impact of these insects is for the whole planet. ecosystem regulation and biodiversity preservation service. However, the survival and well-being of these very important agents of biodiversity is severely tested. Pollution, climate change, depletion of natural habitats, intensive monocultures, diseases, parasites and the abuse of agro-pharmaceuticals are ever greater threats. Their situation is not as catastrophic as for other pollinators and for this we must thank the work of the beekeepers. By managing the hives, taking care of their health and well-being, beekeepers are real protectors of bees: they take care of diseases and treat parasites, they intervene when the hive is dying of hunger because it no longer finds nourishment in the surrounding environment . Without them, the consequences for bees would be very serious. With the aim of preserving bees from the danger of extinction and improving their quality of life, 3Bee was born, the agri-tech startup founded in 2017 by Niccolò Calandri and Riccardo Balzaretti which develops remote monitoring systems for hives. The two founders have designed and built Hive-Tech, a hive 3.0 which, thanks to bio-mimetic sensors, collects data on the main biological parameters of the hive: internal and external temperature, weight, humidity and sound intensity. Hive-Tech represents for beekeepers a concrete help in the daily management of hives: beekeepers can in fact identify the occurrence of anomalies and problems in a timely manner and then intervene in a targeted way to preserve the well-being and health of the hive. the “Adopt a 3Bee hive” project was also born. All people interested in sustainability, the environment and bees can now give their support to virtuous beekeepers by adopting one or more hives monitored with 3Bee systems. When choosing the hive and the beekeeper, it is also possible to select a type of honey among those that the bees can produce in the environment in which they are settled. Those who choose 3Bee bees receive the personalized adoption certificate and credentials to access the 3Bee App to monitor the development of the hive like a real beekeeper. At the end of the bee season it will also be possible to taste the honey produced by the bees of the adopted hive: a 100% Italian and genuine honey.

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