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Tax: Italy meritocracy, ‘the government have courage’


Oct 22, 2021

“The deadline for the reorganization of the tax system is set at eighteen months. The enabling law provides for interventions in various directions, from the revision of the tax collection system through a merger of powers and duties between the Revenue and Collection Agency Revenue, to a reorganization of direct taxes with a reduction in rates; from the elimination of obstacles to the growth of smaller productive realities, to the application of a single proportional rate of taxation of income deriving from the conduct of business activities; again from the simplification and rationalization of VAT to a gradual overcoming of IRAP; from a modernization and revision of the land register of buildings to a revision of the additional personal income tax “. Thus in a note Meritocrazia Italia. “A new codification and reorganization of the rules currently in force in the tax system are also requested – continues the note – in order to guarantee the certainty of the rules and the consistency of the entire system, and to ensure that the tax system is fair and reliable. and transparent. However, it is still not clear. No mention is made of the Statute of the Taxpayer’s rights. The reform of the Tax Justice is still postponed. An effective reform of the land registry is promoted, but a contradiction remains in the fact that it is reiterated that it is not it will serve as a taxable basis for taxes on a cadastral basis “.” There is no talk of scrapping quater – continues the note -, nor of further deferral of payments. shift of taxation. Meritocracy Italy has intervened several times on the issue of tax reform and tax justice reform, requesting interventions cora ggiosi, which will actually have a positive impact on taxpayers and the state budget “.” He has already shared his proposals for restructuring. Among the objectives – explains Meritocrazia Italia -, the growth of the economy through the increase of the efficiency of the tax structure and the reduction of the tax burden on income deriving from the use of production factors, the rationalization and simplification of the tax system also with reference to the reduction of obligations and the elimination of micro-taxes, the conservation of the progressive nature of the tax system, and the reduction of tax evasion and avoidance “.” Lastly, with the press release of last September 28, Meritocrazia once again asked for a respite for citizens, with choices of greater courage. In order not to mortify any possibility of recovery, a certain and constant tax exemption is needed. Among the proposals already advanced – Meritocrazia Italia points out -: – the payment in installments at 120 months without stringent requirements and at 180 months for suspended bills from March to 31.12.2020; – the extension of the scrapping-ter for a further 5 years also for taxpayers who have already lapsed; – the introduction of a scrapping-quater, with a 10-year deferral, on tax bills entrusted until 31.12.2020, with the elimination of penalties and interest and a percentage reduction to 50% of the taxes due, open to all companies that declare billed up to 10 million euros and to all individuals with annual incomes of less than 50,000 euros; – the application of scrapping-quater also to amicable notices issued up to 31.12.2020; – the total scrapping of tax bills with amounts up to 10,000 euros and entrusted by 31.12.2018; – the total scrapping of tax bills with amounts up to 100,000 euros and blocking of the tax drawer for at least three years for companies that demonstrate that they have an uncollected credit of more than 10,000 euros towards the public administration “.” The need is still insisted on to set up an Exit Agency – concludes the note -, which regulates late payments by the Public Administration, also giving effect to the protection of the State creditor “.

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