• Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Justice, the proposals of Meritocrazia Italia “to guarantee effectiveness of citizens’ rights”


Jun 2, 2021

“The Italian judicial system daily deals with obvious inefficiencies, inefficiencies, injustices, unacceptable cumbersome, procedural complications, unnecessary delays, serious shortages of personnel and economic resources destined for the sector. All this effectively compromises access to that substantial justice. which should represent the rebalancing point of the system and the guarantee of the presence of the State in support of the rights of individuals “. This was underlined in a note by Meritocrazia Italia. “The European Union is not wrong in judging the delays of the judicial machine incompatible with those principles that should establish a rule of law and which are also the basis of the European solidarity of the Next Generation Eu”, underlines Walter Mauriello, president of Meritocrazia Italia. “It is undisputed that the ability to ensure adequate and timely effectiveness of citizens’ rights represents an absolute value to be safeguarded, like any other factor of growth and development, and that the level of attractiveness of foreign capital investments is also strongly conditioned the effectiveness with which the country organizes its judiciary “. “Moved by the usual constructive spirit, Meritocrazia Italia wanted to make its contribution and submitted to the attention of the institutions some legislative reform proposals for the restructuring of the justice system in every area, – continues Meritocrazia Italia – with the ultimate aim of ensuring real protection to fundamental rights, an equitable distribution of opportunities and the freedom of expression of personalities “. “Among the many proposals: – continues the note – the simplification in terms of jurisdiction division and easy identification of the natural judge, with the establishment of a mixed composition filter office for the preventive verification of jurisdiction, suppression of the regional and higher courts of public waters and agricultural specialized sections, and division of jurisdiction in the concessions of goods; the radical modification of the summary procedure model in place and the provision of a single ordinary rite (excluding procedures currently subject to the labor rite), with the insertion of a procedural bail mechanism for all those situations in which certain circumstances require particular caution for the protection of the satisfaction of the credit “. And again” the containment of economic barriers to access to justice, with revision of the costs foreseen for the unified contribution, and suppression, in criminal matters, the obligation to advance legal costs for access to files; the creation of a single platform capable of supporting Pct, Pat, Ppt and Ptt, so as to streamline and facilitate the preparation and filing of electronic documents, access to files and view the measures; to ensure dignity in the exercise of the legal profession, the review of the system of forensic parameters, with the reintegration of the minimum fees in extension of the obligation to fair compensation to all sectors and sectors, the regulatory reorganization of media-conciliation and negotiation procedures assisted “. Among the other proposals of Meritocrazia Italia”, the redefinition of the models of tax justice, to be exercised autonomously and independently throughout the national territory, with the establishment of Tax Courts and Courts of Appeal and a tax section in the Supreme Court ; the reform of the CSM, especially in terms of composition and activities, according to the values ​​of Merit, Competence and Equity and with the overcoming of internal current logic and prohibition of taking on political positions for out-of-office magistrates; the recognition of the constitutional value of the principle of ‘beyond any reasonable doubt’, with modification of art. 111 cost .; in criminal matters, the amendment of the provisions on abuse of office, wiretapping, precautionary seizure and impedimental prison, reduction of the cost of unified contributions also in the field of public tenders. Let’s build a civilized country together – concludes Meritocrazia Italia – starting with a Justice without schemes or screens “.