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Switch off: what needs to be done? All explanations


Oct 22, 2021

Switch off TV and new digital terrestrial, since last October 20 there are nine Rai channels and six Mediaset channels obscured by the passage from the old to the new decoder, that is, from Mpeg-2 technology to the new Mpeg-4. As the Ministry of Economic Development recalls, the thematic channels of Rai and Mediaset will be visible in high definition only with a TV or decoder compatible with the Mpeg-4 signal coding system, the Ministry of Economic Development recalls. Here are all the explanations on the passage: THE BLACKED CHANNELS FROM OCTOBER 20 For Rai, to be affected by the change, will be the nine channels Rai 4, Rai 5, Rai Movie, Rai Yoyo, Rai Sport + Hd, Rai Storia, Rai Gulp, Rai Premium and Rai Scuola, while Rai1, Rai2, Rai3 and Rainews24 will continue to remain visible to all. For Mediaset, on the other hand, the channels Tgcom24, Mediaset Italia 2, Boing Plus, Radio 105, R101 TV and Virgin Radio TV will be involved, while all the other channels will remain visible at the same time, starting with Canale 5, Rete 4 and Italia 1.IL DEFINITIVE PASSAGE, WHEN? The definitive passage to the new DVB-T2 digital terrestrial broadcasting technology standard will take place from January 2023. In the meantime, frequencies will also be reassigned following a calendar that will affect the whole national territory, starting from the Sardinia Region from next November 15, 2021. Citizens “will be able to check if their television is enabled to receive the signal with the new technology and, if not, replace it by purchasing a new TV or decoder using the bonuses made available by the Ministry of Economic Development”.
TV BONUS, WHAT TO DO TO GET IT The TV Bonus – Decoder, with a value of up to 30 euros, is a subsidy for the purchase of TVs and decoders suitable for the reception of television programs with the new broadcasting standards (DVBT-2 / HEVC) which they will become operational from 2022, as well as for the purchase of decoders for satellite reception. The TV – Decoder Bonus is available until 31 December 2022 or when the allocated resources are exhausted and is reserved for families with ISEE up to 20 thousand euros. The overall allocation envisaged for the single fund for the TV scrapping bonus and TV – decoder Bonus is approximately € 250 million. The bonus is paid in the form of a discount applied by the seller on the price of the product purchased. To get the discount, citizens must submit a request to the seller to buy a TV or decoder benefiting from the bonus. To this end, they must declare that they are resident in Italy and that they belong to an ISEE family unit that does not exceed € 20,000 and that other members of the same unit have not already benefited from the bonus (here the PDF of the application form). check that a TV or a decoder are among the products for which it is possible to take advantage of the bonus, a list of “suitable” products is available to citizens at https://bonustv-decoder.mise.gov.it/prodotti_idonei.

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