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Bad weather and rain on the weekend, that’s where


Oct 22, 2021

An Atlantic disturbance is passing through our country, but by the weekend a high threat, far more serious, will hit some regions. Antonio Sanò, director and founder of the site www.iLMeteo.it informs that after a Friday with fogs in the North and unstable weather especially in the Center, in Campania and Sicily, on Saturday the central regions will still be affected by a greater presence of rainfall . On the rest of the country we will have sunny weather, but sometimes foggy in the North and often covered in the South with local afternoon rainfall. From Sunday, while the high pressure will bring back a decidedly more stable weather not only in the North, but also in the Center, from North Africa a dangerous cyclonic vortex will hit Italy. By evening the weather will tend to worsen widely and significantly on Ionian Sicily and Calabria and also on south-eastern Sardinia. In these areas, increasingly abundant or very abundant rainfall is expected. This phase of bad weather will tend to worsen further with the beginning of next week when the risk of storms and lightning floods will become more than real on Sicily and Calabria. IN DETAIL Friday 22. In the north: rains in eastern Emilia Romagna, fogs in the plains, sun elsewhere. Middle: unstable with showers over many regions, local also in Sardinia. In the south: showers or thunderstorms in Campania, rains also arriving in Sicily. Saturday 23. In the north: rain showers in Emilia and lower Veneto, local fogs in the plains. In the center: more rain in the Adriatic and upper Lazio, worse in southern Sardinia. In the south: rains arriving in Basilicata, towards late evening it gets worse on Palermo and Trapani. Sunday 24. In the north: sunny. Center: many clouds over Abruzzo and Molise, it worsens strongly in Sardinia. In the south: rains on Cilento, Basilicata, Ionian Calabria, then severely worsens on Palermo, Trapani and Catania. From Monday intense wave of bad weather in the South.

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