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Crime, confiscation of assets for 50 million euros per entrepreneur


Oct 22, 2021

Confiscation of assets for over 50 million euros from an entrepreneur in the wine sector of Ravenna. The Anti-Mafia Investigation Department has in fact executed a confiscation decree issued by the Court of Bologna. Dia said, explaining that “the man was involved in 2012 in the ‘Baccus’ operation, coordinated by the Dda of Bari, together with some subjects linked to organized crime in Cerignola, undergoing the sentence by the Court of Appeal of the Apulian capital in 4 years of imprisonment for criminal association aimed at aggravated fraud and tax crimes. In addition, more recently he was sentenced in the first instance to 9 and a half years of imprisonment for criminal association, money laundering and self-laundering at the conclusion of the investigations carried out by Dia of Bologna, coordinated by the Ravenna Public Prosecutor’s Office and led to the ‘Malavigna’ operation “. As Dia recalls, the provision, issued on the proposal of the public prosecutor of Ravenna, Alessandro Mancini and the deputy prosecutor, Lucrezia Ciriello, “follows the seizure already carried out by Dia in 2020 on the basis of which the Court of Bologna, chaired by Francesco Caruso, had considered subsisting, among other things, the disproportion between the declared income and the assets available to the proposed and his family unit “. The ablative measure concerns corporate shareholdings and 9 business complexes active in the wine sector located in the province of Ravenna, 74 real estate assets located between the provinces of Ravenna, Forlì and Brescia, 6 vintage vehicles and three banking and insurance relationships with financial resources of which a current account opened at a San Marino bank; the latter will be confiscated by the competent San Marino authorities in agreement with the Bolognese judicial authority as provided for by the 1939 “friendship and good neighborhood” Convention. The total value of the assets subject to the confiscation order amounts to over 50 million euros.

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