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Prince Amedeo, Duke of Savoy and Aosta, died. He was 77 years old


Jun 1, 2021

Prince Amedeo Duca di Savoia and Duca d’Aosta passed away this morning in Arezzo. He was 77 years old. This was communicated by the Royal House of Savoy. Born in Florence on September 27, 1943, Amedeo di Savoia-Aosta was the only son of Irene of Greece and Aimone of Savoy, fourth duke of Aosta king of Croatia with the name of Tomislavo II; his uncle was the homonymous hero of Amba Alagi, known as the “Iron Duke” and his grandfather was the “Invict Duke” Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy-Aosta. For part of his father he was great-grandson of Amedeo of Spain, while for part of his mother grandson of King Constantine of Greece, as well as great-grandson of Frederick III of Germany and George of Greece. He was also great-grandson of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and of King Christian IX of Denmark, as well as a descendant of Tsar Nicholas of Russia.The fall of some allied bombs near Florence, at Villa Cisterna, the Florentine residence of Aimone di Savoia and his wife Irene, caused the early birth of the future protagonist of the Savoy-Aosta cadet branch, which took place in a room on the ground floor considered safe from bombing. The newborn received the title of Duke of Puglia. Amedeo di Savoia-Aosta revealed that, at the moment of his birth, his mother had him fingerprinted by the police commissioner of Florence for fear that he would be kidnapped.On July 26, 1944 on the orders of Heinrich Himmler, the Nazis deported little Amedeo to the camp Austrian concentration camp in Hirschegg, near Graz, together with her mother Irene of Greece and her cousins ​​Margherita and Maria Cristina, the only daughters of her uncle Amedeo, third Duke of Aosta, and of the Duchess Anna d’Orléans. After the liberation from the Hirschegg concentration camp in May 1945, Amedeo lived for a few weeks in Switzerland. On 7 July 1945 Irene of Greece with her son returned to Italy: they first stopped in Milan, where Aimone saw her son for the first time, and then reached Naples, where Amedeo met his paternal grandmother Elena d’Orléans. In Italy, Irene and Amedeo settled in Fiesole, near Florence. In 1948 Aimone di Savoia, Amedeo’s father, died in Buenos Aires with a heart attack, and the latter assumed the ducal title as head of the House of Savoy -Aosta. Later Amedeo had Admiral Giulio Cerrina Feroni as tutor to studies, he studied at the Collegio alle Querce in Florence and at Seaford College in England, then at the Morosini Naval College in Venice. He attended the courses of the Naval Academy of Livorno, at the end of which he was embarked with the rank of complement officer of the Navy for exercises in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. In the meantime he graduated in political science at the University of Florence.On May 14, 1962 Amedeo was one of the princes chosen to support the crowns on the heads of the spouses during the wedding ceremony of Juan Carlos of Spain, his second cousin and Donna Sofia , his first cousin. Since the 1970s, Amedeo has dedicated himself to the activity of an agricultural entrepreneur, managing the estate of Borro, in the municipality of Loro Ciuffenna (Arezzo), recently sold to the Florentine family of Ferragamo. Aosta, Amedeo married a French princess, Claudia dOrléans born in 1943, daughter of Enrico d’Orléans, count of Paris and pretender to the throne of France. They met at the wedding of cousins ​​Juan Carlos of Spain and Sofia of Greece. The wedding was celebrated on July 22, 1964, in Sintra, Portugal. Witnesses of the groom were Juan Carlos of Spain and Umberto II of Italy. In 1976 the cohabitation between Amedeo and Claudia ended, the spouses divorced in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on April 26, 1982, and the marriage was declared null and void by Sacra Rota in Rome on January 8, 1987. Claudia remarried shortly afterwards with an American publisher, Arnaldo la Cagnina. The children stayed with Amedeo on the Borro estate. On March 30, 1987, Amedeo married Silvia Paternò Ventimiglia di Spedalotto, daughter of Vincenzo Paternò and Rosanna Bellardo and Ferraris di Celle, in second marriage, in Bagheria (Palermo). (April 2, 1966), married in 1988 to Count Giberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga; Mafalda (20 September 1969), married for the first time in 1994 with Prince Alessandro Ruffo of Calabria, from whom she divorced in 2000, and a second time in 2001 with Francesco Lombardo di San Chirico; Aimone (13 October 1967), married to Princess Olga of Greece. Amedeo also had a natural daughter from a relationship with Kyara van Ellinkhuizen.Amedeo has also been the protagonist of a dynastic dispute in the last twenty years. His position in the line of succession is controversial: part of the monarchists claim that Amedeo is the Head of the Royal House, and therefore the legitimate pretender to the throne of Italy, others consider that the position of head of the royal house belongs to Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy and that Amedeo is third in line of succession after Emanuele Filiberto. The controversy was the subject of an official ruling by the Consulta of Senators of the Kingdom. The Consulta dei Senatori del Regno, a private association created in 1955, on 7 July 2006, officially announced that Amedeo is to be considered the heir of Umberto II. The official reason would be the marriage of Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy with a person of a different social status. In September 2006, Vittorio Emanuele and his son Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia filed with the patent office of the European Union the request for registration of the “Crown Prince of Italy” coat of arms as a company logo, together with other symbols of the heraldic heritage of the House of Savoy. The action was aimed at preventing its use by Amedeo and Aimone di Savoia, who had been ordered to use the surname in full, that is Savoia-Aosta. In the spring of 2008 Vittorio Emanuele and his son Emanuele Filiberto sued Amedeo and Aimone for the fact that they signed only with the surname of Savoia and not of Savoia-Aosta, configuring the hypothesis of illicit use of the surname. In February 2010, the Court of Arezzo sentenced Amedeo and Aimone di Savoia for the use of the Savoy surname and for the payment of damages for a total of 200,000 euros. Nevertheless, Amedeo, who since his birth has freely used the surname of Savoia or Savoia-Aosta, filed an appeal, winning it in January 2018. On September 15, 2010, the sentence and the sentence were suspended, allowing Amedeo and his son Aimone to use only the surname “di Savoia”.

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