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Vaccines, masks, white zone: rules, what changes from Thursday 3 June


Jun 1, 2021

Although in the yellow zone the curfew remains at 11pm, in general in Italy the anti-covid rules continue to loosen with the vaccinations that from Thursday 3 June enter the phase of free reservations, without age classes. In the white zone regions (for now Sardinia, Friuli and Molise) it is no longer necessary to go home within a certain time. Among the main innovations there is the possibility of lunch and dinner not only outdoors but also ‘indoors’ in restaurants and consumption at the counter in bars. With the epidemiological curve in sharp decline, Italy takes a new and decisive step towards normality. It remains the obligation to maintain the distance, to wear the mask outdoors and indoors and gatherings are prohibited. Yellow zone and white zone: what you can do and not do Even in the yellow zone it is therefore allowed to consume food and drinks in bars, restaurants, pizzerias. Among other things, the guidelines envisage: defining the maximum number of simultaneous presences in relation to the volumes of space and air changes and the possibility of creating aggregations throughout the entry, presence and exit path; body temperature can be detected, preventing access in case of temperature> 37.5 ° C; making hand sanitation products compulsorily available for customers and staff also in several points of the room, in particular at the entrance and near the toilets, which must be cleaned several times a day; adopt measures in order to avoid gatherings outside the premises and its appurtenances. And again: in the establishments that provide meals, recommend access by booking and keep the list of subjects who have booked for a period of 14 days. In any case, access is allowed, even in the absence of reservations, if the spaces allow it, in compliance with the prevention measures provided. In these activities, more customers than the number of seats cannot be continuously present in the premises.In all establishments: arrange the tables in such a way as to ensure the maintenance of at least 1 meter of separation between the customers of different tables in the indoor environments (extendable to at least 2 meters based on the epidemiological risk scenario) and at least 1 meter separation in outdoor environments (gardens, terraces, stalls, dehors), with the exception of people who, according to the provisions in force, do not are subject to interpersonal distancing. Distances can only be reduced with physical separation barriers, in a framework that still guarantees air exchange; customers must wear a mask to protect the respiratory tract on every occasion when they are not seated at the table; it is necessary to favor the online consultation of the menu through digital solutions, or to prepare menus in plasticized printing, and therefore disinfectable after use, or paper ‘disposable’; at the end of each table service, ensure cleaning and disinfection of the surfaces.In businesses that do not have seats, allow entry to a limited number of customers at a time, based on the characteristics of the individual rooms, in order to ensure the maintenance of at least 1 meter of separation (extendable to at least 2 meters based on the epidemiological risk scenario). Where possible, favor the use of outdoor spaces (gardens, terraces, stalls, dehors), always respecting the spacing of at least 1 meter. For consumption at the counter ensure that a distance of at least 1 meter between customers is maintained (extendable to at least 2 meters based on the epidemiological risk scenario), with the exception of people who, according to the provisions in force, are not subject to interpersonal distancing. This last aspect relates to individual responsibility. Vaccines Anti covid vaccine for everyone in Italy from 3 June. Starting next Thursday, reservations will therefore be free and no longer for age groups. “From June 3, the Regions and autonomous provinces will be given the opportunity, a letter will shortly be launched, to open up all classes following the plan, using all the administration points, even the company ones”, announced the extraordinary commissioner to the coronavirus emergency Francesco Paolo Figliuolo. “The doses available will be 20 million”, Figliuolo specified, and each Region will have to regulate itself on the number of doses, but what must “be avoided is the run-up between Regions to have more vaccines”. Sports and stadiums Spectators return to stadiums and arenas but in limited numbers. In the yellow zone, from 1 June 2021 outdoors and from 1 July 2021 also indoors, the presence of the public is also allowed at sports events and competitions other than those referred to in Article 5 of Decree-Law no. 52 of 2021, exclusively with pre-assigned seats and on condition that the respect of the interpersonal distance of at least one meter is ensured both for spectators who are not habitually cohabiting, and for staff. The permitted capacity cannot exceed 25 percent than the maximum authorized and, in any case, the maximum number of spectators cannot exceed 1,000 for outdoor systems and 500 for indoor systems. The activities must be carried out in compliance with the guidelines adopted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department for Sport, after consulting the Italian Sports Medical Federation (FMSI), on the basis of criteria defined by the Technical-Scientific Committee. When it is not possible to ensure compliance with the conditions referred to in this article, sports events and competitions take place without the presence of the public.Weddings in the white zoneWeddings in 2021, in the white zone you will need the green pass. This was established by the Conference of Regions which specifies how “the parties” that are organized after “civil or religious ceremonies, even indoors, must be held in compliance with protocols and guidelines” with the obligation that “the participants are provided with a of the Covid green certifications “in accordance with the” provisions of the government decree “. In practice, those who participate in a ceremony, whether it is a wedding or a baptism, must present themselves with the green pass certifying the vaccination, to be healed from Covid or to have had a negative swab in the last 48 hours. “Article 9 of decree 52 of April 2021 – reads the communication from the Conference of Regions – refers to certificates attesting vaccination against Coronavirus, recovery from Covid or a negative test”.

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