• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Vauro: “Left party of billionaires? Enough to demonize those who have notoriety”


May 6, 2021

“Rampini claims that the left is becoming the party of celebrities and billionaires? Well, said by a celebrity like him … In Italy maybe there was a left now. On the left some people like Rampini refer, who when he thinks they become Trumpiani, or rather ‘Trampini’. So at Adnkronos the cartoonist Vauro Senesi, comments on the words in a video by Federico Rampini who defined the current left as ‘the party of the stars’. “Having said that – explains Vauro – it is time to stop demonizing anyone with notoriety. It would be nice if those without notoriety and economic power had a voice. But today’s society does not give voice to these categories. I do not make a myth of Fedez , but I share your opinion. He reported on a stage on the day of the party, that it was not only workers but rights, his, and I repeat only his voice. He dealt with a subject of rights in an appropriate manner, as much as I I found the attempts of RAI officials to stem Fedez inappropriate “.” What happened is grotesque – he adds – I am amazed, but not too much, that these dynamics of enslavement continue to last over time. Returning to Rampini, I also know a other left that has no parliamentary but cultural representation. There are young and old engaged in social work and they are neither rich nor famous, but in the current left they find no support. But it is a left in which I believe many ssimo. My optimism of will is combined with the pessimism of intelligence, quoting Gramsci. Pessimism tells me that the left has no representation, but optimism tells me that it still exists in society and is made up of many hearts “, he concludes.