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Covid Italia vaccines, cycle completed for over 81% over 12


Oct 17, 2021

43,847,511 Italians have completed the Covid 19 vaccine cycle, 81.18% of the population over 12, according to the latest updated report to date. In total the administrations were 87,529,825, with 46,202,539 Italians who received at least one dose (85.54% of the population over 12). In addition, 581,132 people received a third dose, 7.67% of the population for which the additional dose is planned. In the meantime, on the mandatory Green Pass front, green certificates downloaded in Italy exceed 100 million: 100,595,790 is the total number of Covid-19 passes issued up to yesterday, an increase of 773,829 compared to the previous day. today, there are 2,437 new infections from Coronavirus in Italy. Recorded another 24 deaths. 381,051 swabs carried out in the last 24 hours, with a positivity rate that remains stable at 0.6%. 2,386 hospitalized (-15), 349 patients in intensive care (-3).

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