• Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

No Green pass, 2 arrests and 8 complaints per Milan march


Oct 17, 2021

Corteo no Green pass in Milan, consists of 2 people arrested and 8 reported for interruption of public service, private violence, incitement to disobey the laws and for an unannounced demonstration the budget of the Milan police activity that yesterday blocked on several occasions the event started at 5.30 pm and ended after more than five hours in piazzale Loreto. Read also The demonstration, without warning, crossed the city center trying, without success, to approach the station, the Lombardy Region, the headquarters of Corriere della Sera and the CGIL. Of the more than 100 protesters identified, the police are evaluating the position of about 40 people belonging to the Milanese and Varese anarchist area for referral to the judicial authority.