Denise Pipitone, Piera Maggio and Pietro Pulizzi: “She is alive and must be sought”

“Until proven otherwise Denise is alive and must be sought, if and when they prove otherwise, then we will stop looking for her and continue on to something else”. Piera Maggio and Pietro Pulizzi, parents of the little Denise Pipitone who died from Mazara del Vallo on September 1st 2004, write it in a post on Facebook. “Anyone who has harmed us in all these years – they add – indirectly or indirectly, cannot and must not go unpunished, especially those who kidnapped Denise! “. Read also Meanwhile, according to what Adnkronos learned yesterday, there are no traces of little Denise in the building in via Pirandello in Mazara del Vallo. This is the result of the long inspection carried out yesterday afternoon in the building that housed Anna Corona, the mother of the missing child’s half-sister, until a few years ago. The fire brigade and the Ris Carabinieri were at work until 8.15 pm in the building, looking for any traces of masonry work done in recent years with the land registry papers in hand. You also check in the garage and in a trap door, with a well, but as we learn here too the result was negative. It was a report, not anonymous, to indicate to the investigators some news considered “very interesting”.