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Green pass compulsory work: rules, how to get it, first dose


Oct 14, 2021

Green pass Italy mandatory from today, October 15, also at work for public and private employees. In fact, from midnight the new rules contained in the Dpcm on the obligation to possess and exhibit the green Covid certification by the staff of public administrations and private companies have taken effect. Below, all the useful information on who should have it, checks and controls, how to get it even after the first dose and if you are cured of the coronavirus. Read also THE RULES AND CHECKS ON THE WORK PLACE According to the Prime Minister’s Decree signed by the premier, the government faq reads, “in addition to the employees of the single administration, the employees of the companies that have contracted out cleaning services are subject to the obligation , catering, maintenance, supply of vending machines, consultants and collaborators and lenders or attendants of training courses, as well as couriers who deliver office or private mail to the offices. Only users are excluded ” , it is emphasized. “The person in charge of control is the employer, who can delegate this function with a written deed to specific personnel, preferably with managerial qualifications. The guidelines leave the employer free to establish the implementation methods. it can take place at access, avoiding delays and queues during the entry procedures, or subsequently, on a carpet or on a daily sample not less than 20% of the staff on duty, ensuring the rotation and therefore the control of all staff “.” For the checks, it will be possible to use the free application Verification C-19. In addition, applications and platforms will be provided to administrations aimed at facilitating automated control, on the model of what happened for schools and universities. “The Dpcm also provides for greater flexibility in entry and exit times.” Each administration – it is specified – also in order not to concentrate an excessive number of personnel on the tasks of verifying the green certification, it will have to widen the entry and exit ranges of the staff employed by its employees. It will therefore be possible to reach the workplaces themselves and start working activities over a longer period of time “. Each administration or company is autonomous in organizing the controls. The employers define the operating procedures for the organization checks, even on a sample basis, providing priority, where possible, that such checks are carried out at the time of access to the workplace. “It is advisable to use methods of verification that do not cause delays or queues at the entrance. In public administrations, the assessment, which must take place on a daily basis, primarily in the morning slot of the working day, can be generalized or on a sample basis, provided that not less than 20% of the staff present in service and with a rotation criterion that ensures, over time, control over all employees “, explains Palazzo Chigi. In addition to the VerificationC19 app, specific functions will be made available to employers, both public and private, that allow for a daily and automated verification of the possession of certifications. checks may take place through: the integration of the QR code reading and verification system of the green certificate in the control systems for physical access, including those for detecting attendance, or temperature; for public bodies adhering to the NoiPA Platform, created by Ministry of Economy and Finance, the asynchronous interaction between the same and the national platform-DGC; for employers with more than 50 employees, both private and public who are not members of NoiPA, the asynchronous interaction between the INPS institutional portal and the national platform-DGC; for public administrations with at least 1,000 employees, even with service offices located in several physical locations, an application interoperability, in asynchronous mode, between the IT personnel management systems of the, and the national platform-DGC. GREEN PASS “The worker, public or private, is considered unjustified absentee, without the right to a salary, until the presentation of the green pass” if he goes to work without the certificate. The worker who enters the workplace without a green pass faces a fine ranging from 600 to 1,500 euros. Any disciplinary sanctions envisaged by the sector collective agreements are also applied. “In addition to the salary, any other component of the salary, even of a social security nature, having a fixed and continuous nature, accessory or indemnity, foreseen for the working day not performed, will no longer be paid to the worker without the green pass. contribute to the accrual of holidays and involve the loss of the relative length of service “, reads the Faq. The employer who does not check compliance with the rules on the green pass risks an administrative penalty ranging from 400 to 1,000 euros.We also remind you that no exceptions are allowed on the obligation of the Green pass for public employees and without a green certificate you cannot can resort to smart working: in fact, it is not allowed in any way to identify the workers to be used for agile work on the basis of the lack of possession of the green pass or the impossibility of exhibiting the certification. Possession of the green certificate and its presentation are conditions that must be met when entering the workplace. The worker who declares possession of the Green pass but is unable to show it must be considered unjustified absent and cannot in any way be used as an agile work method. WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE WAITING FOR THE GREEN PASS “The subjects in waiting for the issue of valid green certification, they will be able to use the documents issued by public and private health facilities, pharmacies, analysis laboratories, general practitioners and pediatricians of free choice. Those without green certification must be removed from the post – reminds Palazzo Chigi – Each day of non-service, up to the display of the green certification, is considered unjustified absence, including in the period of absence also any holidays or non-working days. In no case the absence of the green certification involves the dismissal “. WHAT TO DO IF YOU CANNOT GET THE VACCINE FOR HEALTH REASONS What happens to those who cannot receive the vaccine for health reasons? “The subjects who, for proven health reasons, cannot carry out the vaccine against COVID-19, must exhibit a certificate containing the appropriate ‘QR code’ being prepared”, reads the Faq. “Pending the release of the relative application, exempt personnel – after transmission of the relative health documentation to the competent doctor of the administration to which they belong – will not be subject to any control”. WHO CAN OBTAIN THE GREEN PASS The green certification COVID-19 is automatically generated and made available free of charge in the following cases: having carried out the first dose or the 15-day single-dose vaccine; have completed the vaccination course; having done the additional dose in the first vaccination course; have tested negative for a molecular swab within the past 72 hours or rapid antigenic within the preceding 48 hours; be cured of COVID-19 in the previous six months.GREEN PASS AND FIRST DOSE The COVID-19 green certification for vaccination (first dose) is automatically generated by the National Platform-DGC after 12 days from administration and is valid from the 15th day from the vaccine until on the date of the second dose. The Certification after the second dose will be issued within 24/48 hours from the second dose and will be valid for 12 months. COVID-19 for vaccination also for those who got sick and then got the vaccine within one year of the disease, therefore even before 90 days and after 180 days from the disease as previously provided. This is in accordance with the indications of the CTS of 16 July 2021. Therefore all those who have had COVID and are vaccinated within the year from the first positive molecular swab will receive a COVID-19 green certification (dose 1 of 1) valid for 12 months from the date of administration of the vaccine.All those who after COVID-19 infection have taken a dose of vaccine within the year of the onset of the disease (i.e. from the date of the positive molecular swab) will receive a new Certification valid for 12 months from the date of administration of the first vaccine dose. The new Certification replaces the one already received with an indication to complete the vaccination cycle with a second dose. This is thanks to the acknowledgment on 24 June by the Privacy Guarantor of the measures adopted by the Ministry of Health to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data on previous infections of vaccinated people. Furthermore, in accordance with the opinion of the CTS of 16 July 2021, the validity interval of vaccination in the recovered has been extended up to one year (no longer between 90 and 180 days from onset). IF YOU HAVE HAD COVID FOR LESS THAN 6 MONTHS First, the certificate of recovery must be transmitted centrally. The attending physician or the ASL that issued the end of isolation certification will in fact have to enter the data in the Health Card System. Only after this insertion will the Ministry of Health automatically generate the Covid-19 green certification which will be valid for 180 days (6 months) from the first positive molecular swab. Furthermore, please note that with vaccination within 12 months after recovery, you will also automatically receive a Certification for completing the vaccination cycle.However, only some Regions have transmitted the recovery data to the National Platform-DGC for the automatic issuance of Certifications greens for healing. If you have not received an SMS or email with the AUTHCODE and it is not even in the APP IO or by accessing with SPID from the website www.dgc.gov.it, it is likely that the doctor or the ASL have not entered the Card system health data relating to the certificate of recovery. In this case it is necessary to contact the family doctor or the ASL to enter the data in the system. COVID-19 Green Certification for healing will be released after a few minutes COVID AFTER THE FIRST VACCINE: WHAT HAPPENS WITH THE GREEN PASS? If you have contracted Covid-19 after the first dose of a vaccine that includes two, yes will receive the Covid-19 Green Certification of vaccination completed (1 of 1) if the Covid-19 infection occurred after the fourteenth day from the administration of the first dose of vaccine (the date of the first positive molecular test is valid) and it is already If you have contracted Covid-19 within fourteen days of administering the first dose of vaccine, completion of the vaccine schedule with a second dose to be taken within six months (180 days) of infection is indicated ( date of the first positive molecular test) and then you will receive the Green pass of the completed cycle (2/2) after having carried out the second dose. r more than 56 thousand people who fell ill after the 14th day from the first dose of the vaccine and had a Green pass for healing (even if it has expired). From 17 September, the issue of the Green pass vaccination dose 1 of 1 for those who fell ill 14 days after the first dose is in full swing.