• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Macerata, 25-year-old Englishman freed and kidnapped for days


Oct 14, 2021

Seized for 8 days in Monte San Giusto in the Macerata area. The 25-year-old British was freed by the Ros carabinieri. The boy whose name has not been disclosed is a native of London, writes the Guardian. The four kidnappers had made him call his parents to ask for a ransom of 7 thousand euros, but the young man had managed to make it clear that he was being held against his will. The father then contacted the National Crime Agency (NCA) police, who alerted the Italian authorities. “He was kept in a dark room, handcuffed and barefoot. We are still investigating to shed some light on the case,” said Colonel Massimiliano Mengasini, quoted by the Guardian, explaining that the boy was released yesterday and that three men and a woman were arrested. The boy is described in good physical condition, despite having been poorly nourished, but “psychologically tested”. “We have been working closely with the Italian authorities since the kidnapping of a British man was reported,” said Sean Kelly of NCA’s anti-kidnapping unit (Akeu). “NCA officials in Italy and Akeu specialists, together with the British police, have provided close support to the carabinieri as part of their investigations. We are happy that this incident has been successfully resolved,” he added. vacation since June in Italy, where he had been in various cities, including Naples, Sorrento, Florence and Bologna, before arriving in the Marche. At the time of the kidnapping he was with a friend, who had managed to escape and inform the family in the UK.The hearing to validate the trial is scheduled for tomorrow at 10 at the Macerata court. The jailers ended up in handcuffs, three boys and a girl, are accused of kidnapping for the purpose of extortion. In the meantime, the investigative activity continues to clarify all the implications of the affair: at the moment the reasons for the kidnapping are not yet known.