• Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Regeni murder, trial suspended


Oct 14, 2021

There is no proof of notification to the four Egyptian 007s, accused of the kidnapping, torture and murder of the 28-year-old Italian researcher Regeni trial, the documents return to the GUP. After a council chamber that lasted over five hours in the Rebibbia bunker hall, the judges of the Third Assize Court of Rome declared the absence of the defendants null and void and the judgment decree for four 007 Egyptians accused of kidnapping and torture null and void and the murder of the 28-year-old Italian researcher. We therefore restart from the preliminary hearing, also with a new search for the defendants. Judges cannot be certain of the actual knowledge of the trial by the accused, nor of their voluntary removal from the proceedings. The trial of the four Egyptian 007s did not pass the scrutiny of the judges of the Assize Court of Rome because “the decree who ordered the judgment had been notified to the defendants in any case not present at the preliminary hearing by delivering a copy of the deed to the appointed legal counsel, on the assumption that they had voluntarily withdrawn from knowledge of the proceedings “.