• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Green pass work, Gimbe: “Risk of buffer chaos”


Oct 14, 2021

Green pass work, you risk the tampons chaos. These are the conclusions of the report of the Gimbe Foundation, with the monitoring of the epidemiological situation relating to the week 6-12 October: “” Over 175 thousand rapid swabs a day and the collapse of new vaccinated people have indicated for weeks a hard core of the population not intending to get vaccinated, including 3.8 million workers. The modest results obtained with the progressive expansion of the Green pass and the risk of buffer chaos invite us to evaluate the introduction of the vaccination obligation “.” On the eve of October 15 – highlights Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation – politics and the world of work they have to deal with some reasonable certainties. First of all, the current system that focuses on pharmacies and authorized centers will not be able to guarantee, at least in the short term, an adequate supply of rapid antigenic tampons at a controlled price; secondly, the proposals made in the last few days (extending the validity of the tampons to 72 hours, ‘do-it-yourself’ tampons), in addition to having no scientific basis, present both health, medical-legal and insurance risks; finally, the number of newly vaccinated for some weeks already suggested a consistent ‘hard core’ of workers who, despite the approach of October 15, do not intend to voluntarily vaccinate themselves “.” Considering that the ‘gentle push’ of the Green pass has not produced the desired results and that from tomorrow there is a risk of chaos, with hundreds of thousands of workers without green certification effectively unable to carry out a swab, the Government must take into account the vaccination obligation, allowing the use of the swab to obtain the green pass only after the reservation of the vaccine and up to two weeks after the administration of the first dose “.