• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Rome, the Borghese family remembers Pope Paul V with a concert


Oct 14, 2021

A commemorative event in memory of a historical figure who left a priceless cultural heritage and marked the face of Rome, Pope Paul V Borghese, whose 400th anniversary marks his death this year. A concert will take place today, 14 October at 7.30 pm at the Borghese Gallery, to commemorate the 233rd Pope of the Catholic Church and 145th sovereign of the Papal State. To promote it the descendants, Scipione, Alessandra, Fabio, Alessandro and Tara Francesco Borghese with the Borghese Gallery. “The sung mass already celebrated by the Vatican Secretary of State in the Borghese Chapel of Santa Maria Maggiore on 17 September last. Today, the concert at the Galleria Borghese, recorded for Classica TV and social networks, to celebrate and remember – declares to the Adnkronos Alessandra Borghese – our beloved Pope. Thanks for embellishing the city of Rome on the notes of the violin of the young talent Giovanni Andrea Zanon who will play with his ensemble in the large De Rossi hall among the seventeenth-century frescoes and contemporary works by Damien Hirst. This will be followed by an exhibition and a conference with the greatest experts of the historical period of Pope Borghese. “” During his papacy – reminds Adnkronos Tara Francesco Borghese – great works such as the facade of San Pietro and the Acqua aqueduct were completed in Rome Paola. Pope Paul V Borghese left a visible mark on the art of the Eternal city, which is why our family, which has always been linked to the themes of culture and art, strongly wanted to remember him “. The Borghese Gallery has also organized starting from today 14 October and until December 13 a Pauline itinerary that recalls the works linked to his life and action: sculptures, paintings and mosaics portraying Paolo V Borghese.