• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Less sex in pandemic, 1 in 5 couples in lockdown decline


Oct 14, 2021

Covid enemy of sex. The pandemic emergency has ‘cooled’ the Italians under the sheets, in particular in the first lockdown during which one in 5 couples confined under the same roof did not take the opportunity to have more relationships, but to thin them out. The decline was greater for men, especially the younger ones, for the more educated and for those living in more precarious housing conditions. To investigate the coronavirus effect on the intimacy of the inhabitants of the beautiful country is a study published in the ‘Journal of Epidemiology’, signed by a multidisciplinary consortium involving psychiatrists, psychologists, public health experts and biostatisticians from the Higher Institute of Health, universities of Genoa and Pavia, of the Mario Negri Institute, of Ispro and of the Careggi university hospital. This is the “first study” on the subject “conducted in Italy on a representative sample of the adult population”, explained Mario Negri from the IRCCS Institute for Pharmacological Research. “Our analyzes are based on a representative sample of over 6,000 subjects that we have been following over time”, underlines Silvano Gallus, de Mario Negri researcher and coordinator of the consortium. The work showed that over 35% of Italians reported a change in sexual activity during the months of the national lockdown, with 8% increasing it and 27% decreasing it. interruption of travel and the obligation of social distancing have above all limited the sexual life of singles, the fear of contagion, the generalized feelings of anxiety and sadness, and the presence of children at home are among the probable factors at the basis of ” “important decrease” of the relationships “in cohabiting partners”, comments Andrea Amerio, psychiatrist researcher at the University of Genoa and first author of the study. The analyzes underway, Gallus points out, “will allow us to understand how the lifestyles and habits of Italians have changed and are continuing to change as a result of the pandemic experience”.