• Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Disarmament Archive, awards in Rome XXXVII edition of the Colombe d’oro per la Pace Award


Oct 14, 2021

The awards for the XXXVII edition of the Golden Dove Award for Peace, organized by Archivio Disarmo with the support of the Cooperatives belonging to Legacoop, were delivered in Rome at the Benedict XIII Room (Community of Sant’Egidio). The Jury – made up of Fabrizio Battistelli, Dora Iacobelli, Riccardo Iacona, Dacia Maraini, Andrea Riccardi and Tana de Zulueta – decided to follow a very specific red thread for this year’s award: the conflicts that attack the South of the world, in particular that enlarged Middle East plagued by political violence, the absence of democracy and violations of human rights. Fabrizio Battistelli (President of Archivio Disarmo) did the honors: “With this award, now in its 37th edition, we tell important stories every year. This year, together with those of extraordinary Italian journalists, we also tell those of two young people who come from the Middle East: a girl who fled Syria – escaping the oppression of arranged marriages – and a young Afghan who traveled four years to reach Europe and now lives and writes in Italy “. The awards went to Giulia Bosetti, correspondent and co-author of numerous investigations of the Rai television program “Presadiretta”, and curator in 2021 of the investigation on the business of Italian arms exports. “I am honored to receive this award -said Bosetti- especially for the message it brings with it. It is an award that I want to share with all the people who work with me and in particular with Marianna De Marzi, Pablo Castellani, Raffaele Manco and Alessandro Marcelli. Italy, although it is said against war, does not stop producing and selling weapons even to nations at war or with authoritarian regimes. It is important to shed light on these issues and it is precisely what I try to carry out with my work “. Lorenzo Bagnoli and Giulio Rubino, members of the IRPI Board of Directors, received the award for Investigative Reporting Project Italy, the first Italian non-profit investigative journalism center that carries out independent investigations in a transnational perspective on mafias, corruption, the environment and human rights. Bagnoli and Rubino said: “This award gives us great satisfaction, because it means that our work is getting messages across. Since we were born, the fundamental issues dealt with have been the Italian mafias and their malfeasance, to then move on to investigations But every reportage is not an end in itself, it serves as a basis for the next one. Only in this way can the research be serialized and the readers’ awareness. Knowing that Archivio Disarmo is one of them is certainly a source of pride “. also Francesca Mannocchi, journalist and documentary maker who has been collaborating for years with national and foreign newspapers dealing with migrations and conflicts through reportage and videos from crisis areas. “Ours is also a work made up of great mistakes. One – Mannocchi explains – is to think that it is difficult to tell the war, it is not so: it is, unfortunately, excessively” simple “. The mistake also lies in thinking that, when the war is over, nothing more happens. It is there that we reporters and journalists must not take our eyes off to understand what is about to happen. It is in the gaps that exist when wars are over, that we must understand our mistakes. this award in front of me now, is because I finally realized that I have not understood, often “. International Golden Dove for Amani El Nasif, a girl from Bassano del Grappa of Syrian origin. After being segregated for thirteen months at the age of 16 because she was betrothed to a cousin, she now writes and testifies to the problem of forced marriages. “My main aim is to help as many girls as possible say ‘no’ to one. life they don’t want. If it were possible to help even just a girl, my path would not have been in vain. When I meet teenagers in schools, I try to re-educate everyone in sensitivity. When the news of a girl segregated at home no longer goes into wave, it means that we are all turning our heads the other way. This must no longer happen because every battle can also be ours “, said El Nasif. The other international prize was awarded to Alidad Shiri, a young Afghan who, after an interminable flight that lasted four years, has finally managed to arrive in Italy, where he now lives, studies and writes. Shiri said: “I am very excited to receive this award, because I am acting as a spokesperson for my compatriots, women, young people and all those who are facing fundamentalism in Afghanistan at the risk of their own lives in these hours. to receive this award, because it will give me even more strength to tell the stories of my compatriots “. The Golden Dove for Peace, the work of the “sculptor of the Popes” Pericle Fazzini, is awarded every year to personalities from the world of information who have distinguished themselves in making known virtuous cases of nonviolent conflict management and protection of human rights and who, in civil society, have become bearers of ideals of empathy, solidarity and dialogue between people.