• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Green pass hotels, is it mandatory? Controls and rules


Oct 14, 2021

Green pass in hotels, is it compulsory? Controls and rules, everything you need to know as the green certificate becomes mandatory in the workplace, public and private from 15 October. To clarify the doubts is Federalberghi on its website. Green pass in hotels and restaurants Customers of an accommodation facility can access the catering services offered by the facility exclusively for its customers, even in the case of consumption at the table in an indoor venue, without showing the green certificate. In the event that, however, the catering services of the accommodation are also open to customers who do not stay in the structure, access will be reserved only to those who, customer of the structure or external customer, are in possession of the Green pass in case of consumption at the table indoors.The green pass is not necessary for consumption at the outdoor table, neither for accommodated customers nor for non-accommodated customers and it is not necessary for consumption at the counter, neither outdoors nor indoors. neither for housed customers nor for non-housed customers.Green pass for hotels and weddings The manager of an accommodation facility that organizes a wedding party in its halls must verify the possession of the Green pass of each participant. Paragraph 2 of article 8 bis of the decree-law of 22 April 2021 n. 52 provides for the need for COVID-19 green certification to participate in parties resulting from civil or religious ceremonies, also organized through catering and banqueting services. The green pass is also required if the party takes place outdoors. 105 establishes the obligation of the green pass to participate in festivals and fairs, conferences and congresses. structure. The decree-law of 23 July 2021 n. 105 expressly establishes the obligation of the Green pass to access swimming pools, gyms and wellness centers, even within accommodation facilities, limited to indoor activities. If the activities take place outdoors, the Green pass is not necessary, but the obligation to check the Green pass does not apply to the beauty centers of the accommodation facilities. The Green pass is not required for personal services. Green pass hotels and children Children are not required to have a Green pass to access the areas closed to those without a Green pass. The obligation to show the Green pass does not apply to children under the age of 12 (as they are excluded by age from the vaccination campaign). is in possession of a Green pass, even if they do not have it provided that they are in possession of the medical certification of exemption from the SARS-COV-2 vaccination Green pass and workers The workers of the accommodation facilities are obliged to have the Green pass. In fact, starting from tomorrow 15 October 2021, anyone who works in the private sector is required, for the purposes of accessing the places where the activity itself takes place, to possess and exhibit the Covid-19 green certification on request. Therefore the obligation concerns all the workers of the accommodation facilities, self-employed and employees, even if they work for external firms (eg contract work). Until now, the green certificate has been requested only for access to the company canteen (see below). those without a green certificate. Article 13 of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 17 June 2021 includes the owners of accommodation facilities and public establishments for access to which possession of COVID-19 green certification is required, as well as their delegates. The manager of an accommodation facility can delegate an employee or a third party to verify the possession of the customers’ green pass, when this is necessary. Green pass hotels and fines What are the penalties for the manager of an accommodation facility who does not verify the possession of the Green pass of the participants in a party in their halls? In case of violation of the provisions relating to the Green pass, the administrative sanction of the payment of a sum from 400 to 1,000 euros is applicable, both to be borne by the operator and the user. After two violations committed on different days, starting from the third violation, the ancillary administrative sanction of closing the business or activity for one to ten days is applied.