• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Feltri: “I don’t know how I voted, maybe for Sala”


Oct 14, 2021

“I’m not sure I voted right, I might have voted Sala out of desperation.” Vittorio Feltri was elected city councilor in Milan. The journalist was nominated as leader by the Brothers of Italy. In the voting booth, however, as he tells L’aria che tira, he had some problems. “The ballots were a labyrinth, I didn’t understand anything. I tried to understand, but I didn’t understand anything. It took me a quarter of an hour to even fold the ballots. I’m not sure I voted in the right way, I might have voted Sala out of desperation. After 10 minutes in the cabin I was ashamed … I don’t know who studied the cards, who made them should be hospitalized “, he says. But Feltri will go to the City Council? “Of course, even if I don’t even know where the town hall is. If I have to do something, I’ll stay. If I don’t have to do anything and I just have to listen to the fatuous interventions of so many people, I’ll go home.”