• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Forza Nuova, Castellino to agent: “Bring it to Landini or we’ll go get it”


Oct 13, 2021

“Bring it to Landini or we’ll go and get it”. These are the words of Giuliano Castellino addressing some agents after a part of the demonstrators, last Saturday in Rome, had managed to break through the cordon reaching the headquarters of the CGIL in Corso Italia. A particular content in the request for validation of the arrests that the Rome Prosecutor’s Office made to the investigating judge. “Despite the mediation attempts put in place by the police with the three people who had placed themselves at the head of the march, Luigi Aronica, Roberto Fiore and Castellino, the demonstrators continued their march by opposing violent resistance against the operators who had activated a charge of lightening ”, reads the provision. The request also reconstructs that “when we arrived at the headquarters of the CGIL, Castellino turned to a police officer placed to protect the headquarters, saying: ‘let us pass, we must enter’. Despite the agents’ attempts to make the group desist, Castellino addressed the crowd urging them to head towards the union headquarters with unequivocal gestures. In order to achieve this goal, the demonstrators carried out acts of violence and aggression against police officers ”.