• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

School, Ianniello (Middle students network): “Entrance 9.40 prevents us from living, we are the only ones sacrificed”


Oct 13, 2021

“We are the only ones who continue to sacrifice personal and social life”. To cry the unease are the students who are mobilizing in these days to protest against the entrance at 9.40. “Above all in Rome and in some cities of Lazio, such as Viterbo, Rieti and in particular Civitavecchia where” the boys suffer at the Marconi high school, at Guglielmotti, at Galilei. Today two hundred gathered at the Marconi and decided to demonstrate at the weekend against schedules that prevent them from living; malfunctioning transports that burden commuters from Cerveteri and Cerenova “. Luca Ianniello, from the national network of middle students, talks about it with Adnkronos, who says:” the students can’t make it back home at 6pm and then have to study “. Discontent is also widespread in the capital:” Especially in eastern Rome at the Kant high school, at Tullio Levi Civita because the transport system is very weak; in schools near Termini station such as Machiavelli, Albertelli, Plinio frequented by commuters. At the moment the Albertelli is occupied, but they will vacate it tomorrow evening. Big difficulties also in Bufalotta and Talenti, at the Nomentano state scientific high school. Even at the Vittoria Colonna high school, at the Ghetto and so on … “, Ianniello continues.” On the 8th they went to the Prefecture to ask for the elimination of the staggering or at least the reduction of the margin between the two time slots – he says – The prefect did not receive us. We talked to some officials and found a lack of openness. But in a world that is returning to normal thanks to us, who have been vaccinated with care, they cannot treat us like last year, asking us for a further sacrifice of our personal life “. (By Roberta Lanzara)