• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Pope Luciani soon blessed, his niece: “Uncle Albino special beyond the miracle”


Oct 13, 2021

“Uncle Albino was special, then the miracle was added”. Pia Luciani, nephew of Pope John Paul I who will soon, by the will of the Pope, be declared blessed, speaking with the Adnkronos is over the moon for the news that his uncle will receive the honor of the altars. Not sudden news for the truth. “We expected it knowing the many gifts of the uncle – says the niece Pia -. Uncle Albino was a very special person”. Pia Luciani recalls: “The uncle was a lover of studying, he updated himself, offered his difficulties to the Lord, loved everyone, knew who was afflicted, encouraged them to improve. And then he also listened to the requests of us relatives, did everything possible to be good “. Affinity with Pope Francis? “They are very different people – says the niece of Pope John Paul I – Francis, of course, has his merits, but they are two very different personalities. And then he was also our relative, so there was an affection double”. A ‘short Pope’ with only 33 days of pontificate, a meteor. “And yet – observes Pia Luciani – he had already done a lot. Uncle Albino started in a hurry, for a short time, but he left his mark”. Luciani passed from ‘we’ to ‘I’, he abolished the gestatory chair, he was humble in speaking of himself, he called the children alongside during the general audience. The ‘pope of the smile’ and of the ‘poor for the poor’ Church of great relevance at a time when the Church is marked by scandals. “The Church – observes Luciani’s niece – is made up of men, there will always be problems. There are difficulties, people who find it hard to follow certain rules, beyond the Pope. uncle there were great sorrows due to the behavior of some people, even in the local church “. Many theses have been advanced on the death of Albino Luciani. Rumors of conspiracy. The one that had been poisoned with cyanide by Marcinkus also made its way. “All nasty things – Albino Luciani’s niece liquidates the rumors -. Uncle was very scrupulous but always fearful of disturbing others. Even if he was sick. The same thing happened the night before his death: this was Uncle Albino, a man good”.