• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Spazio Field and Contemporary Cluster present the Unlimited project at Palazzo Brancaccio


Oct 13, 2021

Spazio Field and Contemporary Cluster [Collective Intelligence] on 15 October 2021 they present the Unlimited project which will take place on the noble floor of Palazzo Brancaccio. In the halls of the prestigious museum, Spazio Field entrusts the artistic curatorship of the space to Contemporary Cluster, which presents an ambitious curatorial line, dedicating itself to the masters of the contemporary scene, in a close dialogue with the historicity and splendor of the spaces. In the imposing rooms of the museum, there are four exhibition projects with which Spazio Field and Cluster inaugurate the season: the first is the Talismano exhibition by Alessandro Sarra curated by Claudio Libero Pisano. Building surfaces, opening gaps, creating embankments. All this is reflected in the nine large canvases that Alessandro Sarra presents with Talismano, his latest project, created for the rooms of Palazzo Brancaccio. A complex operation that moves the gaze on the canvas, not only on its standard preparation but on the possibility of creating a physical and material path to the color that will subsequently occupy the surface. The nine large canvases of Talismano are also a tribute to the space that hosts them, to its history as a museum space. Blue, chosen as the only color of the project, takes on forms that suggest ancient iconography. Pure ultramarine blue becomes a beneficial promise, to be recognized in the imposing space of the paintings. The itinerary in the museum continues with the room dedicated to Maxim Scherbakov, founder of Supaform, a design and planning studio based in St. Petersburg. The project, entitled Hidden Entourage, is made up of a collection of eight objects that represent a visual experience that allows us to overcome the idea of ​​a purely functional design. Cloro, an established Italian photographer, illustrator, art director and graphic designer, presents Stuck, a project curated by Giacomo Guidi, which investigates the human tendency to get stuck in a state of mind and its perpetuation. Stuck is a visual diary set up as a sort of modular cut-up; clues revealed and hidden in a microworld where there is what is seen and what could be. Behind the exhibition rooms is the historic corridor, a place out of time, richly decorated in full Roman Baroque style. The historic corridor will host a cycle of exhibitions curated by Paulina Bebecka, director of Postmasters Rome, where contemporary artists will dialogue with the historical collection of Palazzo Brancaccio. A journey between the past of the place and the future of the works of art on display. An encounter between art, design and history aimed at stimulating the visitor. The series of exhibitions entitled The Worlds Within opens with seven artists from the international scene: Nicola Verlato, Malù della Piccola, Alessandro Giannì, Donato Piccolo, Radek Szlaga, Alex McLeod, Sara Birns. delle Cariatidi, the Belvedere of the architect designer Luca De Bona and the photographer and visual artist Massimiliano Tuveri, a choral project that crystallizes and consists of objects, accessories and furnishings as narrative presences within the domestic landscape: presences that have the ability to talk to us and the power to emotionally accompany us in our daily life. On October 15th, on the occasion of the opening of Spazio Field, the showcase of the first V / A on cd born from the collaboration between the Contemporary Cluster and Purple Brain will take place in the same Cluster Sounds halls. During the evening the producers present in the compilation will alternate in the console, representing an elegant and experimental electronic music: Decomposer, Fabio Sestili, Light Spheres, Kapitano and We-Reset with the pianist and composer Arshid Azarine. The artists will lead the listener on a sonic journey that celebrates fluidity. The CD cover was created by the artistic duo Motorefisico of Lorenzo Pagliara and Gianmaria Zonfrillo, both Roman architects and designers.