• Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

No Green pass Rome, pm: “In clashes used sticks and iron bars”


Oct 13, 2021

No Green pass demonstration in Rome, “sticks, iron bars and other offending objects” were used in the clashes that took place during last Saturday’s protest. This is what emerges from the request for validation of the arrest that the Public Prosecutor of Rome made against the six arrested who are challenged with resistance and a pluri-aggravated threat to a public official in competition and devastation. These are the leaders of Forza Nuova Giuliano Castellino and Roberto Fiore, the leader of the group ‘Io apro’ Biagio Passaro, Luigi Aronica, ex Nar, Pamela Testa, Salvatore Lubrano who will appear tomorrow before the investigating judge for the validation interrogation. . The investigation will take place via videoconference. Read also The indictment states that the six and other persons not yet identified “in competition with each other” have “used violence and threats against state police officers who were carrying out an act of their office” in particular to the forces of the order that had “created a cordon aimed at avoiding acts of violence and also placed to protect the union”. The prosecutors contest the aggravating circumstance of having threatened and attacked “the operatives in numbers greater than 5 people during the demonstration and committing the deed with sticks, iron bars and other objects capable of offending”. Meanwhile, the work of the prosecutors continues of Rome investigating the clashes and the assault on the historic headquarters of the CGIL. The investigations aim to identify the other subjects, in addition to the 12 already involved in the two main lines of investigation, who took part in the assault on the union headquarters. To the attention of the prosecutors also a dozen videos where you can also see a shirtless man with a tattoo that reproduces two wings. A reconstruction of what happened Saturday afternoon between Viale Washington and Corso Italia is present in the charge. The six and other subjects in the process of identification “have committed acts of devastation at the headquarters of the CGIL by entering the premises after breaking one of the windows with invasion in all the rooms and serious damage to furniture and furnishings including PCs and other computer equipment committing the fact during a demonstration in a public place “.