• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Green pass, Sileri: “Free swabs to be evaluated for the poorest and students”


Oct 13, 2021

With the entry into force of the mandatory Green pass Italy from October 15, “I believe that the buffer paid by the State can have a space to be evaluated in certain segments of the population: the poorest who have an economic fragility and probably also to help the student population , because where there is the right to education, an opening can probably be made “. This was stated by Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, guest of ‘L’aria che tira’ on La7. “I would not say no a priori to the free tampon – said Sileri – or rather I would say no a priori if you do not put that work close by, not of conviction, but of education in the goodness of vaccination”, he concluded. On the port front, “we try to meet, where there are problems, with solutions as temporary as possible that can guarantee the safety of workers and at the same time the company and the productivity of that company”, explains the undersecretary of Health by reading the indication contained in the circular of the Interior Ministry in which, to avoid blockages in transport upon the entry into force of the obligation of the green certificate at work, companies in the port sector are invited to consider “making available to personnel without Green pass free rapid molecular or antigenic tests “.” The fact that this solution can be temporary – says Sileri – saves a little bit of everything and with pragmatism allows security and the company that can work. All this – warns the undersecretary – must be accompanied by a counseling action: if I have many employees who do not have the Green pass, I must somehow push them to understand the goodness à of the Green pass. So – he concludes – this must also be associated with an action of specific meetings in which to explain why the Green pass exists and what it is for. I don’t mean vaccination, but the Green pass in the double soul “, that is, obtainable both after the vaccine and with the swab.” The best way to convince people to get vaccinated is to talk. If you force people to be vaccinated, it could have the opposite effect. That’s why I believe that the vaccination obligation is not the solution, because we will be able to earn a few percentage points “in coverage against Covid-19,” but it is much better to make people understand “the goodness of vaccination, the undersecretary said.” I exclude the obligation at the moment – he specifies – because by now we have reached 80% of the vaccinable population and 5% more have already taken the first dose and will do the second. These numbers will continue to grow “.” I am worried – the undersecretary stressed – for the over 50 population which counts 3 million unvaccinated, who are still vaccinating because compared to a month ago we have 20% less, but that is the population that will surely go to the hospital. I am worried about them first of all, because as a doctor to see a 55-year-old person who will have to be intubated and die, knowing that there is a solution that is the vaccine, I am enormously sorry “.