• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Green Pass, the complaint of thousands of users: “Impossible to get it, from the 15th it will be chaos”


Oct 13, 2021

Thousands of vaccinated workers are unable to obtain the Green pass and can only use the single number 1500 to obtain assistance, and there is a risk of real chaos on the labor front, with the new provisions on the Green pass that will come into force on October 15th for public and private employees. Consumerismo No Profit denounces this, which recalls that in Italy there are “still thousands of cases of ‘ghost’ Green Pass, ie citizens who, despite having regularly undergone anti-Covid vaccination, have not obtained a health certificate”. To “aggravate the situation, the government’s decision to deactivate the e-mail address where citizens could obtain assistance in the event of failure to issue the Green pass. Thousands of workers in the public and private sector risk being left without pay and suffering penalties at work. due to the absence of the vaccination certificate, despite having regularly undergone vaccination – the president Luigi Gabriele explains to Adnkronos – This is due to inefficiencies in the computer system that issues the Green Pass and which, in many cases, recognizes only one of the two doses of vaccine received by citizens, depriving them of their right to obtain a health certificate “.” We are receiving thousands of reports throughout Italy of workers who, due to this situation, will not be able to go to the offices starting next October 15 and, if they do not undergo the swab at their own expense, they will suffer the suspension of their salary “, adds Gabriele. Among the thousands of reports, here are some received by the association. “I did the 2nd dose on September 1st. I have already made a thousand reports online and by telephone (1500) and nothing happens. I am a worker and student and in 3 days it will be mandatory to have it to work and it already is to attend the classrooms of the University. I no longer know how to move or what to do. I have no financial resources to take a swab every two days! “. “My husband is having problems obtaining it and we have already solicited 1500, the ASL, the IT support of the health file and that of the dgc.gov site several times”, writes another. “I have been going crazy for being able to obtain it since June -it is a girl’s appeal- I made 5 or 6 reports to number 1500 with no results My doctor and pharmacist found that the green pass was not produced and both can do nothing to change the situation. Today I also wrote to the prefecture to understand if there could be penalties for me or for my employer if he accepts me “, he writes again. To aggravate the situation, the deactivation starting from last October 1st of the e-mail address [email protected] where citizens could obtain assistance in case of failure to issue the Green pass. In fact, the Government website informs that, for information and assistance on the vaccination certificate, today it is only possible to call the number 1500, and no other road is open to users.