• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Brumotti: “Striscia gives voice to frightened mothers who ask for help”


Oct 13, 2021

“They usually criticize us by saying that we discover hot water and they wonder what the purpose of what we do is” since “we go to situations where everything is there for everyone to see, where everyone knows. But this is precisely the point, because yes it deals with situations, such as that of San Severo, in which the previous initiatives, even by the institutions, have not served any purpose and the citizen has felt and feels powerless, afraid to report “. Vittorio Brumotti, correspondent of Striscia la Notizia and bike trial champion, tells AdnKronos how the satirical news reports are born, not least the one who set fire to drug dealing in the Foggia area and which cost him a punch in the face, leading to the seizure of the house used to prepare the doses intended for the sale and arrest of two people involved in the attack on the reporter. “We – he says – go where there is the desperation of parents, of simple people. We do not go to be Mrs. Fletcher, we do not go to investigate, but we go where everything is already clear and gangrenous. Desperate mothers write to us, asking to go. on the spot, to help them. Mothers, but also parents and children who are afraid to report and therefore turn to us. How can we not understand them, in reality where local bosses exercise a strong power bringing the population to their knees, sowing terror? we at Striscia, putting our faces on it, can make a small difference “.” The camera – observes Brumotti – as for the journalist the pen, is the most powerful weapon and is what the mafias fear. The ‘Ndrangheta then hates advertising . So it happens that after our intervention all the institutions put their forces in the common factor, the police, the mayor and at various levels the administration that can no longer pretend nothing has happened, especially after the undersigned has taken a punch in face and the news has rebounded throughout Italy. And here are two arrests and the house was seized. A house that had 6 or more cameras. And for what? This alone should have caused suspicion. A dilapidated house outside and baroque inside with a large screen and a standard of living well above that of those who live in public housing of that kind. “And now?” The difference in this case, the step forward, beyond the substance packaged in that house to be sold lies in the reappropriation of the territory by those who live there. We are a peaceful people and faced with a problem that is cultural, of the use of power, it is crucial to let your children study, because if the mafia boss takes possession of a place and a state is absent, in five years the situation will still be more gangrenous “.” I talked about the Mafia, but I could also mention the ‘Ndrangheta recalling the Duisburg massacre, because – Brumotti points out – the point is always the same. In Foggia there is not only crime, there are the citizens, the people who have called the Strip so that things change. And I go back there. I go back there by bike. “No fear?” To me, who fly by bike 200 meters from the precipices accustomed to facades, punches and blows are not scary. And not because I’m an ego-filled superhero. Indeed I am a cuddly, a sensitive person who lives in a simple way. My strength is the awareness of being right, the certainty that those who live by fomenting fear lose power if they are ridiculed. My strength is certainly having Striscia behind me. “” My solidarity, in fact, goes rather to all those pen journalists from the villages who have the courage to write even though they know they will risk losing their jobs, or worse, their lives. These reporters we will have to listen to them more: and real roi, without weapons, helmets, bulletproof vests. Heroes with a pen and a pair of glasses “. Finally, Brumotti shares with Adnkronos his reflection gained after all the experiences as a reporter in close contact with the Italian reality in relation to the use of drugs and in particular of cocaine: “I have been dealing with cocaine and drugs for six years and it is not imaginable how many people do in Italy, how many have the addiction. If we were to stop drug trafficking, a very high percentage of Italians would be in cages. “” We should huff less. Wherever you go you will find drugs – he says – It is not a catchphrase, but the reality that – he says – today could change if something happened in the nineties towards drug addicts who were gradually marginalized because being a drug addict was not more cool than in the 80s. Now, on the other hand, those who do cocaine and go out and enter the bathrooms of the clubs and offer it to others feel like a fig. Instead, we should bring out the truth: that whoever loses their teeth, suffers from impotence, stinks of rotten onion, of acid. It doesn’t work to tell a guy ‘don’t hump’. It works if you see the reality of this addiction and if different models emerge in which those who are able to stop are cool. ”