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Vaccines and third dose, mask, green pass: what Speranza said


May 30, 2021

Green Pass also for non-EU countries. Indoor masks will still be needed. The third dose of the vaccine will probably be needed. Roberto Speranza, Minister of Health, at Che tempo che fa addresses all the main issues related to the covid emergency in Italy. GREEN PASSA mid-June the green pass arrives in Italy. The document is expected in the European context in July. “The green pass is an important weapon, a tool to promote mobility: it will be both in paper and digital format. In paper format it is already available, you are already in a position to receive a vaccination certificate. paper certificate after a negative swab. The switch to digital is the real challenge, it will allow us real interoperability with European countries. We must also go further: next week there is a meeting in Oxford between the ministers of health of the G7 countries , my proposal is that we go beyond the European limits. I am thinking of the USA, Canada, Japan. We will work to ensure that the green pass arrives in the simplest way possible: on paper where necessary, but also on your mobile phone. A very simple code will allow you to have better mobility “, explains Speranza. GOODBYE MASK: WHEN? When will it be possible to put away the masks? “I think we must not be in a hurry to give up these habits. Let’s take it one step at a time. I think that indoors we have a significant amount of time in which we have to keep it. We must maintain prudence and caution. The mask is not a huge price, in a transition phase we can afford an extra caution. When our experts tell us that the conditions are right, we will remove it first outdoors and then indoors, “he says, before the closing message. “I have always been considered the hardest one, the penalty taker. We must maintain this attitude of trust and prudence. The fundamental rules do not upset existence: mask and distance are compatible with a substantially regular and normal life. We must not forget the very difficult days. that we have passed “. VACCINES” We are in a new, different phase. The vaccination campaign has changed the situation, we have reached over 34 million doses. A significant piece of the country has had the first dose, over a third. We have protected the vast majority of the most fragile people and this puts us in a position to look forward to the next few weeks with confidence, we must keep running. In June we will have even more doses and we will be able to run even more, we must have confidence but we must keep our feet on the ground by continuing a path of graduality We must maintain this approach also in summer, mask and spacing remain the foundations there. But little by little there are the conditions to savor so many things that we had to put aside “, says Speranza.ZONA BIANCA AND DISCOS” Some activities do not yet have a restart date, such as discos. But net of the individual sectors, we have guidelines for each segment that restarts. From June 15 you can access weddings with the green pass: you have to be vaccinated, you have to prove that you have had the covid in the last 6 months or you need a swab performed in the last 48 hours “, recalls the minister.” There are lines guide for theme parks and fairs, a series of behaviors must be respected. It reopens, but with great caution and prudence. We are also returning to the stadiums, on June 11 the first match of the European Championships is played: you enter the Olympic stadium only if you have been vaccinated, if you have had covid in the last 6 months or if you have a negative swab carried out in the last 48 hours “, he says again. INDIAN VARIANT” At the moment the prevalence of the Indian variant in Italy is 1% according to the latest ISS study. From the first indications, vaccines are able to respond positively to this contagious variant: vaccines are resistant “, he says, answering a question about the Indian variant, responsible for the increase in infections in Great Britain. VACCINES FOR 12-15 YEARS , the European drug agency, authorized the Pfizer vaccine between the ages of 12 and 15. “It is very important and positive news, confirming that vaccines are effective and safe. Aifa will do its part in the next few hours following the EMA’s pronouncement and we will have the opportunity to use the Pfizer vaccine between the ages of 12 and 15, it is very important in view of the resumption of school in September. I have a very clear and very clear opinion, I believe that free choice pediatricians should be used as much as possible, they are of extraordinary quality, they are rooted in the territory and have a relationship of trust with families “, says the minister.” I would like that there was the maximum protagonism of pediatricians. We must then wait for the analyzes to provide us with further information on the age groups under 12: the hope is that further positive news will arrive from September-October. Before September we must have vaccinated the vast majority of people between the ages of 12 and 18 “. THIRD DOSE: NEED IT?” At this moment we do not have absolute certainties, but all our scientists tell us that it will be very likely that we will have to resort to a third dose as a necessary booster, possibly there may be modifications of the vaccines to better cover some variants. I am 42 years old, after June 3 I will also be able to have the vaccine. I chose to get vaccinated by my family doctor and I think it is right: we must pass from a phase of extraordinary to a phase of ordinaryness in the management of this epidemic. Today we have to run and get an extra vaccine, but if I think of a longer period we have to go back to ordinary management “, he says.

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